Thank you for joining my blog. I would love to share some tea with you.

We share tea and talk tea at assisted living homes, private homes and community centers. We play Teago Bingo with prizes for winners. We are also doing mystery tea events.

If you would like more info on our tea tasting events, mystery teas or want to receive a free sample of tea please email or call 763-370-2980. Love to hear from you!

Spend time being refreshed by God's Word with a cup of tea. Relax in a comfy chair that gets some afternoon sun. Reflect on the goodness of life.

Real joy comes not from ease or riches or
from the praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile. Wilfred T. Grenfell

Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him, bless His name. Ps 100:4

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Blessings to you and your family. Have
a TEA- rrrific day.

Email me for a free sample of tea!

Traveling TEA With Jesus

Sunday, October 31, 2010

365 quotes for a friend

I wrote just a bit ago about my day and that I felt blessed todaywith new friends.  I was just getting ready for bed and I decided I would look at my 365 Favorite quotes for Friends and see what the message was for today. God's timing is perfect .  This is what it said.
Dear Father,
Thank You for watching over us, for meeting all our needs, I am forever grateful for the times You place friends in my life just when I need them most.  Amen.

Thank  you all for being a friend and even to those who may not even read this I pray that somehow they know how they touched my life today over tea.

Sleep well my friends


How to infuse loose leaf tea

Use high quality water and steep to your personal taste. 

Steep in 12 oz. pot-
 Green Tea   1-1/2 tbsp  180-200 F  1-2 minutes
 White Tea   2 tbsp         180-200 F  1-3 minutes
 Scented Tea 1/2 tbsp    200 F          1-2 minutes
Oolong Tea   1/2-2 tbsp 212 F          1-2 minutes
Black Tea     1/2 -2 tbsp 212 F          1-2 minutes
Puer Tea       1-2 tbsp     212 F          1-2 minutes

I know some teas say to steep Black and Rooibos tea 3-5 minutes.  All is how weak or how strong you would like it.  I have steeped my black and rooibos tea about 3-5 minutes.    Adjust time depending on your taste, longer steeps for a richer taste, shorter for a lighter taste.

Loose tea can usually be steeped  2 -3 times.  Just leave a bit of water on leaves before next steep which helps strengthen your next cup.  Also, subsequent cups will not only yield different flavors but even more nutrition.

Even tho loose tea may seem like alot when you purchase just remember you can reuse your loose tea for more than one cup and get just as much nutrition, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins. 
You can also after you are done with the loose tea you can let them dry and put them in a sachet.

Enjoy your loose tea.                Christmas Morning Tea- one of my favorites from Tealightful Treasures.

I am blessed

 I was blessed today that I got to spend this afternoon with 14 other women who I have never met before and share some of our teas and scones at one of their homes..  It was so fun to be with others that enjoy tea just as much as I do.  These women go around visiting tea rooms and having tea at their church, homes, etc.  One of them contacted me a while back to schedule a tea at her home and it was today.  It was a beautiful and sunny day.
We spent about 3 hours together and it was fun.  It was great to hear them talk amongst themselves sipping their tea and enjoying some scones and fruit. This is what I like about what I do.   I get to meet others who enjoy tea as much as I do and have some fun and relax with tea.
 Time went so fast.
I thank God for giving me this opportunity today to meet some new tea friends and hope that I can have tea with them again someday.
Enjoy your cup of tea with God's word.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Just some tidbits on making tea
2 tbls. of tea makes 24 cups of tea.
Green tea can be steeped 3 times and remember water for green tea should not be boiled but about 175 degrees.
Green tea will last about 6 months - 1 year
Black tea up to two years if all stored properly

Uniquely His

I wanted to share this devotion with you as know God was speaking to me as we just had a conversation regarding moving, new people, introducing yourself to others you may not know a couple of days ago and God brought this devotion before me.  He is such an awesome God and great to hear from Him and know He wants to be present in your life.
Sip a cup of tea and enjoy His word today.

Have a Tealighful day!


November is National Adoption Month!

November is National Adoption Month. Some of you are aware that we adopted Marissa , our daughter ,from China and Great Wall of China is the agency we worked with when we lived in Texas. I would like to give back to them 10% of tea sales for the month of November. Please go to my website and check out the wonderful teas we have to offer. If you ...order online please indicate in the note section  Great Wall so I keep track. Love to raise some money for this agency for the month of November. .
I would be willing to do this for other adoption agencies if you know some that might be interested in this opportunity.  Thanks!

Happy Tea shopping.

Tealightfully yours and Have a TEA-rrrrific day!


Where is Jesus?

October 29

Do You See Him?
Luke 24:16
The disciples ought to have known Jesus; they had heard His voice so often and gazed upon that marred face so frequently that it is incredible they did not discover Him. Yet is it not also with you? You have not seen Jesus lately. You have been to His table, and yet you have not met Him there. You are in a dark trouble this evening, and though He plainly says, "It is I, do not be afraid," yet you cannot discern Him. Sadly, our eyes are kept from seeing Him. We know His voice, we have looked into His face, we have leaned our head upon His shoulder, and yet, though Christ is very near us, we are saying, "I wish I knew where I could find Him!"

We should know Jesus, for we have the Scriptures to reflect His image, and yet how possible it is for us to open that precious book and have no glimpse of our loving Lord! Dear child of God, are you in that state? Jesus feeds among the lilies of the Word, and you walk among those lilies, and yet you do not behold Him. He is accustomed to walking through the glades of Scripture and communing with His people, as the Father did with Adam in the cool of the day, and yet you are in the garden of Scripture but cannot see Him, although He is always there.

And why do we not see Him? This must be ascribed in our case, as in the disciples', to unbelief. They evidently did not expect to see Jesus, and therefore they did not know Him. To a great extent in spiritual things we get what we expect from the Lord. Only faith can bring us to see Jesus. Make it your prayer, "Lord, open my eyes, that I may see my Savior present with me." It is a blessed thing to want to see Him; but it is far better to gaze upon Him. To those who seek Him He is kind; but to those who find Him, He is dear beyond expression!

Family Bible reading plan

Hosea 2
Psalms 119:97-120
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Truth For Life Daily
Devotional material is taken from “Morning and Evening,” written by C.H. Spurgeon, revised and updated by Alistair Begg. Copyright (c) 2003, Good News Publishers and used by Truth For Life with written permission. Today’s Bible Reading material is taken from McCheyne Bible reading plan and used by Truth For Life with permission. Scripture quotations are taken from Holy Bible: English Standard Version, copyright (c) 2001, Good News Publishers.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My week of blessings

I feel I have not been here for a few days and miss posting.   It has been quite a busy week.  We had power out at our home from this past Tuesday until late Wednesday night due to high winds.  During this time God showed me many blessings.  He showed me that He is right where we are in difficult times.  He is there with us even  in the not so difficult times.  I am happy to know that and hope you do too.  Sometimes not so easy to see at the time.  He has blessed me with many friends who will pray for you when you come before them and ask.  Such a blessing that is. 
God brought before me two more teas to do when we are in Texas over Thanksgiving week.  I am thankful and blessed to be able to share tea, devotion and tea bingo with these two groups.  Now, I think I am full and so grateful that I am going to meet some more wonderful people in Texas.  I am very excited and now will be praying for these groups in the next few weeks that God will be with us as we share with others about how special they are in God's eye.  I look forward to sharing some wonderful tea with them and have fun playing tea bingo!  I will also share the benefits of drinking tea.
I pray that you will see God's hand in each one of your lives.  I pray that you will know God is working in your life and that it may not be right away you will see what He is doing but you will see in His time.  Pray that you will have the patience as sometimes hard to do but know God is working.  He is right beside you.

Have a tealightfully day.  Enjoy the message God sends your way today with a cup of tea! 
More to come ......

Teacup Story

The Teacup Story

“Behold, like the clay in the potter’s hand, so are you in my hand.

There was a couple that used to go to England to shop in the beautiful stores. They both liked antiques and pottery, especially teacups. This was their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. One day in a beautiful shop, they saw an exquisite teacup. They asked the clerk, “May we see that? We’ve never seen one quite so lovely.”

As the lady handed it to them, suddenly the teacup spoke. “You don’t understand,” it said, “I haven’t always been a teacup. There was a time when I was red, and I was clay. My master took me and rolled me and patted me over and over, and I yelled out, ‘let me alone,’ but he only smiled and said, ‘Not yet.’ Then I was placed on a spinning wheel and suddenly spun around, and around, and around. ‘Stop it, I’m getting dizzy!’ I screamed.

“But the master only nodded and said, ‘Not yet.’ Then he put me in the oven. I never felt such heat. I wondered why he wanted to burn me, and I yelled and knocked at the door. I could see him through the opening, and I could read his lips, as he shook his head, ‘Not yet.’

“Finally the door opened, he put me on a shelf, and I began to cool. ‘There, that’s better,’ I said. And he brushed, and painted me all over. The fumes were horrible. I thought I would gag. ‘Stop it, stop it!’ I cried. He only nodded, ‘Not yet.’ Then suddenly he put me back into the oven, not like the first one. This was twice as hot, and I knew I would suffocate. I begged. I pleaded. I screamed. I cried. All the time I could see him through the opening nodding his head saying, ‘Not yet.’

“Then I knew there wasn’t any hope. I would never make it. I was ready to give up. But the door opened, and he took me out and placed me on a shelf. One hour later he handed me a mirror and said, ‘Look at yourself.’ And I did. I said. ‘That’s not me, that couldn’t be me. It’s beautiful. I’m beautiful.’

“I want you to remember, then,’ he said, ‘I know it hurts to be rolled and patted, but if I had left you alone, you’d have dried up. I know it made you dizzy to spin around on the wheel, but if I had stopped, you would have crumbled. I knew it hurt, and was hot and disagreeable in the oven, but if I hadn’t put you there, you would have cracked.”

“I know the fumes were bad when I brushed and painted you all over, but if I hadn’t done that, you never would have hardened; you would not have had any color in your life. And if I hadn’t put you back in that second oven, you wouldn’t survive for very long because the hardness would not have held. Now you are a finished product. You are what I had in mind when I first began with you.”

Moral: God knows what He is doing for all of us. He is the Potter, and we are His clay. He will mold us and make us. So that we may be made into a flawless piece of work to fulfill His good, pleasing, and perfect will.

God bless you as you continue to learn more about Jesus and enjoy tea with Him!

Monday, October 25, 2010

From Tea Time for your Soul

When Your Foot Slips

It’s ironic that I was studying the Psalms of Ascent when my foot slipped, and I fell down a half flight of concrete stairs and fractured my tailbone while on a mission trip in Peru. Psalm 121 is one of the most famous from this category, and verse three clearly states: He will not let your foot slip—he who watches over you will not slumber.

We are memorizing this Psalm as part of our study, so these words were on my mind. Someone in the class had already brought up the question of whether we can take these words literally. She asked about the phrase, he will keep you from all harm. I hadn't had a chance to answer her email question because I was leaving town and busy packing; but I can definitely answer it today and, in fact, answer it better. Although keeping my foot from slipping was not my literal experience, I clung to Psalm 121:3 through my descent and fall. After my tumble, I found new strength from this verse and this Psalm.

I definitely needed extra help from the Lord. I was the leader of the trip and my participation and leadership was essential. The Lord gave me all the help I needed to get through the retreat with His empowering Spirit of love and endurance. Each day He would tell me to endure—that was my part.
I do believe that God has literally kept my foot from slipping on more than one occasion. The reality is that I don't even know how many times my carelessness should have resulted in some catastrophe that God simply spared me from without a need to be recognized. Personally I am thankful that He kept anyone else from slipping on this trip; as their leader, it would have been much harder on me if one of my team had this injury. Even in my slip, I could sense that God was there keeping me. The place my tailbone fractured allowed me to sit and stand in some positions without pain. Sleeping was much harder until I got home for treatment. I wasn't forcing a smile when I led my team and fully participated in the aspects of the retreat that were assigned to me. This was proof of God’s presence and protection through my fall. When I couldn't sleep at night, the second part of verse three was a great comfort to me.

I remembered the many times in the gospel that Jesus spent the whole night in prayer. I have purposely spent one night in prayer during a retreat, but usually it requires an inability to sleep for me to turn to prayer in the night—which doesn't happen to me very often. When I couldn't slumber or sleep, I thought of the reality that God doesn't slumber or sleep. He was with me in the night, assuring me that He would supply the strength I would need for the next day; and He did!
Some may question the reality of God’s promises if people slip from time to time. Personally, I don't doubt that this promise is true. I see it that God kept me from slipping in a way that would prevent me from doing what He called me to do. I do look to the hills for my help and find that my help comes from the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and Earth. He knows how to get His work done, and I completely trust Him in that!

Copyright © 2010. Deborah R. Newman. All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chamomile tea

Chamomile contains essential oils and flavonoids, which relax muscles to relieve pain and cramping and promote normal peristalsis( the contractions of your intestinal tract that move food along).

Tealightful Treasures has a chamomile that is wonderful and you should try.  It is Chamomile Mango.  This is a green tea lover's dream.  It contains green tea, chamomile buds, sunflower petals, natural flavorings.

We also have a organic chamoile.

Check them out at

Traveling Tea with Jesus

Friday, October 22, 2010

Camelia sinensis

What is Camellia sinensis?

Among so many other elements, tea dazzles us with its diversity. One plant, many dimensions.
While the teas of the world reveal endless complexities and variations, all tea springs from just one plant species: Camellia sinensis. The four varieties of tea include:

Black Tea

Black tea is produced when withered tea leaves are rolled and oxidized causing the leaves to turn dark. Once the desired color and pungency is reached the tea is dried. A robust cup with astringent notes is produced.
Oolong Tea

Oolong gains its alluring character by withering and briefly oxidizing the tea leaves in direct sunlight. The leaves are rolled, then fired to halt oxidation when it is about halfway between black and green tea.

Green Tea

Green tea is produced when tea leaves are exposed to heat stopping the oxidation process. This allows the leaf to retain its emerald hue. Next, the leaves are rolled or twisted and fired. A bright cup is produced with fresh, grassy notes.

100% White Tea

100% White tea is the most minimally processed of all tea varietals. The fragile tea buds are neither rolled or oxidized and must be carefully monitored as they are withered and dried. This precise and subtle technique produces a subtle cup with mellow, sweet notes.

Tealightfully yours,

Tealightful Treasures Sales Consultant
Traveling Tea with Jesus

December tea

We will be doing Christmas teas in December.
Two-three teas will be served along with a scone sample.
We will be sharing the book A cup of Christmas tea along with some great information on tea and benefits of drinking tea. We might get in a game of tea bingo too!

Contact us to set up a time to do a tea tasting in your home or assisted living.  No cost for tea tasting in your home but for assisted living the charge is $75. 

Love to have a Christmas tea with you!

Traveling Tea with Jesus

November Tea event

I am booking tea tasting events in home and assisted livings for November 
We will have two - three different teas we will try. 
Green we will taste is Cupid's Superfruit Gogi Tea,  Black- One of these three-Coconut Dream  Spice is Nice Chai or Spice it Up.  3rd will be a Rooibos- Lemon Chiffon Pie

We will also have one scone sample to try.
We will share a devotion and play tea bingo along with some information on tea.

For the in home parties there is no charge and for the assisted living the charge is $75.

Book your event now as we are filling up in November.  We have 4-5 teas we will be doing in Texas over Thanksgiving week.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Steeped in Friendship

The Meaning of the Friendship Teapot

The handle represents caring arms to hold you with understanding and support. The spout stands for the pouring out of tears and laughter. The porcelain signifies the beautiful relationship we share - a rare and precious treasure.

Every time you see this teapot, remember that you are truly loved for who and what you are... And I'm ever so thankful God sent you into my life

Hebrews 13:16  Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tea Benefits

Antioxidants in Green and Black Tea

Tea is brimming with antioxidants, the disease-fighting compounds that help your body stave off illness.

By Jeanie Lerche Davis

WebMD Weight Loss Clinic-FeatureReviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MDRead the tea leaves, caffeine lovers. Tea is gaining ground over coffee. Even Starbucks is bucking up its tea menu. The health benefits of tea are one compelling reason: Green and black teas have 10 times the amount of antioxidants found in fruits and veggies, by one estimate.

Studies of humans and animals show that the antioxidants in black and green teas are highly beneficial to our health, says 82-year-old John Weisburger, PhD, senior researcher at the Institute for Cancer Prevention in Valhalla, N.Y.

"I've published more than 500 papers, including a hell of a lot on tea," says Weisburger, who drinks 10 cups daily. "I was the first American researcher to show that tea modifies the metabolism to detoxify harmful chemicals."

Green tea, black tea, oolong tea -- they all come from the same tea plant, Camellia sinensis. The leaves are simply processed differently, explains Weisburger. Green tea leaves are not fermented; they are withered and steamed. Black tea and oolong tea leaves undergo a crushing and fermenting process.

All teas from the camellia tea plant are rich in polyphenols, which are a type of antioxidant. These wonder nutrients scavenge for cell-damaging free radicals in the body and detoxify them, says Weisburger. "Astounding" aptly describes tea's antioxidant power, he tells WebMD. "Whether it's green or black, tea has about eight to 10 times the polyphenols found in fruits and vegetables."

Black and green both have different types of antioxidants than fruits and vegetables. Thearubigins, epicatechins, and catechins are among those listed in a USDA chart. All are considered flavonoids, a type of antioxidant. Brewed green and black teas have loads of those, the chart shows. (Herbal teas may also contain antioxidants but less is known about them, Weisburger says.)
"In my lab, we found that green and black tea had identical amounts of polyphenols," he tells WebMD. "We found that both types of tea blocked DNA damage associated with tobacco and other toxic chemicals. In animal studies, tea-drinking rats have less cancer."

Look at the world's big tea drinkers, like Japan and China. "They have much less heart disease and don't have certain cancers that we in the Western world suffer," says Weisburger.

Skinny Sipping: Best and Worst Drinks for Weight Loss

Green Tea, Black Tea: Packed With Antioxidants

"The scientific evidence about tea is evolving and I think it's compelling," Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, tells WebMD.

Tea is a great example of the past decade's research of antioxidants, he says. "There is a pretty consistent body of evidence suggesting there is a benefit to tea. Tea is a very rich source of a specific kind of antioxidant called flavonoids."

The detoxifying effect of these antioxidants protects cells from free radicals, the damage that can lead to blood clot formation, atherosclerosis, and cancer, says Weisburger.

Green Tea, Black Tea: Packed With Antioxidants continued...

The bulk of research shows that regular tea drinkers, people who drink two cups or more a day, have less heart disease and stroke, lower total and LDL (often called "bad") cholesterol, and that they recover from heart attacks faster.

Some laboratory tests also show that black and green tea may help boost metabolism to aid weight loss, block allergic response, slow the growth of tumors, protect bones, fight bad breath, improve skin, protect against Parkinson's disease, and even delay the onset of diabetes.

In a study involving bladder cancer cells, green tea extract seemed to make the cancer cells behave oddly. They matured sooner, bound together tightly, and had a hard time multiplying. Another study found that men who drank oolong tea plus green tea extract lost more weight and total body fat, compared with men who drank plain oolong tea. Also, the green tea drinkers had lower LDL cholesterol.

Other small studies have found that the antioxidants from drinking tea can help prevent skin cancer. There's also evidence that tea extracts applied to the skin (in a lotion) can block sun damage that leads to skin cancer.

All this research seems to suggest that if you want to do something good for yourself, drink tea. "It has no calories and lots of polyphenols. If you're drinking tea, you're not drinking soda -- that's a real benefit. Water doesn't give you those polyphenols," says Blumberg.

Weisburger recommends drinking six to 10 cups of black or green tea throughout the day, starting with breakfast. Switch to decaf tea midday, if you need to. "Flavonoids are unchanged by removal of caffeine," he says


The lives that have been the greatest blessing to you are the lives of those people who themselves were unaware of having been a blessing.   Oswald Chambers

My Monday the 18th and my message today

I woke up this morning to look at my message the Lord gave me today and He is so good.
I thought about my day yesterday at Waverly Gardens with the women and tea and message was perfect timing.

This is the way to be successful in life; look for ways to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those around you.  Try to turn every encounter with another person into a new or stronger friendship.
Dr. James Dobson

Colossians 3:23-24 Whatever you do, work at it, with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward.  It is the Lord Christ you are serving.  

God is amazing and look for your message today and if this touches you in some way let me know!

Enjoy your cup or two of tea today and maybe you will encounter it with another person that might be new or strengthen a friendship you already have. 

Traveling Tea with Jesus

The Best Place


                                                                   The Best Place
Sometimes getting to the best place means traveling through some bad or hard places. This was my experience at a recent Day of Silence. The retreat was held at a small retreat center that I have visited many times. I have my favorite places and planned ahead to return to them. The weather always is a factor contributing to the condition of the outdoors, and this time the recent rains had affected the place I wanted to go.
As I walked down the hill to the creek, I found confirmation that this was indeed the best place on the campus. Before me were the paw prints left by the bobcat who lives there. I have seen the bobcat on other visits. I know he likes the creek. This was one of my first challenges. If I was to go forward, I would have to overcome my fear of meeting that bobcat on my journey. I had to trust that God would guard me on all sides and that the bobcat himself was more afraid of me than I was of him.
In addition, I faced the challenges of the dirt, mire and mud that I had to journey through to see the best place. There was no way of getting to the place that drew me without having to slip and slide in the mud and mire that guarded the best place at the retreat. I had to be willing to be dirty and let others see me dirty if I were to get to the place that I wanted to go.
Once I got through the mire, I arrived at the place, but even there I was confronted by my childhood memories. I stood on the rocks where the water was flowing and remembered a time when I stood on rocks in a creek that were shared by a snake that scared me to death! I decided to sit down anyway to be close to the flowing water and get to the place God was drawing me. To do so, I had to let go of my childhood memories and realize that this was a new place, and I was called here for a different purpose.
After all of this, I let go. I let go of my fears. I accepted the dirt that I and others could see, and I forgot my childhood memories and sat in my new place. The reward was great. I entered into a sweet time with God that I could not have found in any other place. As if to confirm that I was in the place God wanted me, He sent me a beautiful monarch butterfly to mark the importance of this place and another equally beautiful moth who seemed to dance in a full circle, assuring me that this was the best place to be.
I curled up in a ball and took in the sights and sounds of this place. I felt God’s favor and delight in allowing me to be in such beauty.

Fears, muck and childhood must be laid aside if I want to go to the better place.
Psalm 32:7 says, You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble

and surround me with songs of deliverance.

I've been to that place. There’s no other place that I would rather be, and I don't mind the dirt, danger and determination that come along with reaching this place. In fact, all of those things are part of what makes it such a special place.

Deborah R. Newman. All Rights Reserved.

Enjoy your cup of tea with the Lord today!

Traveling Tea with Jesus

Traveling Tea with Jesus at Waverly Gardens in North Oaks Minnesota

I so enjoyed my visit with some women today at Waverly Gardens Assisted Living in North Oaks Minnesota for a tea, devotion and tea bingo.
We tried two teas and they were Superfruit Gogi Green Tea and Coconut Dream which is a black tea.
It was so much fun to meet these lovely women today.  They were a blessing to me.  Some knew about tea and the benefits of drinking tea and joined in the conversation which was great! 
We had the shoe decoration giveaway again and Marie was the one who guessed the size of the shoe and won the shoe decoration.  She was so happy and pleased that she won.  It was a joy to see her enjoy her winnings.  She came back as I was leaving just to say again how much she treasured that shoe. 
As I prayed on the way to Waverly Gardens I asked for Jesus presence and that all would be comfortable with me and that they would enjoy their time together. Jesus was present. It was relaxing and peaceful.  Sipping on a cup of tea and hearing the story of the teacup was good.  We are each special in God's eyes no matter where we are in our life. 
   One of the women was 90 years old and did not look any older than 70.  She was an inspiration.  They all were. It was fun to hear more about them and their families.  It was fun to share.  Each time I have a tea with others I learn how just the simple things in life can be so good .  It helps me to realize that taking time out with others is good and it helps others to know that you care. 
I keep thinking about the story of Mary, Martha and Jesus.  I keep praying that I can be more of  Mary these days and not so much Martha.  I have been a Martha and that is ok, I know, but I think Jesus wants me to be more of a Mary these days and sip on that cup of tea with others and learn more about them.
Thank you Jesus for the time together with these women and pray that they be blessed this week in some special way.   I pray that as I shared the teacup story that in some way it touched them and helped them to know they are special no matter where they are in their life.  Thank you for giving me the words to pray as we finished our tea.

Ps 18:32  God arms me with strength; he has made my way safe.  He makes me as surefooted as a deer , leading me safely along the mountain heights.

You go forth as ambassadors of Christ.  The almighty Friend will always be at your side to sustain you. George Nixon Briggs

Have a blessed Tuesday!

Traveling Tea with Jesus

Sunday, October 17, 2010


The Lord gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.  Proverbs 2:6

Enjoy your cup of tea with the Lord today.

A mug, tea and a phone call

                         Let's have tea together over the phone.  Try that sometime with a friend. 

Bringing the World down to size

wiFrom the devotional A Grand New Day
Mark 9:23
One of my most treasured possessions is a big , elaborate world globe.  Sometimes I just twirl it and think about the cultures spinning across my mind's eye.  When something earth shattering happens on the other side of the world, and I read about it in the newspaper or see it happen on TV, I go over to the globe and find that very spot.  If I'm reading a book about a particular place in the ocean or on a mountain peak, I check it out on my globe.  I like knowing what country borders on another, where the oceans meet, what's on the equator.  I'm a nut for all that stuff.
Even though the world is huge, there's something personal and intimate about it when it's right in front of me, in a round ball, with all the countries and oceans delineated.  Everything seems accessible, within reach.  No borders or boundaries or impasses.  I love that.  Anything is possible.
This outlook gives us the capacity to dream big, dare to try new things, and believe we can overcome detours and obstacles that get in our way or hold us back.  If the world isn't such an ominous, scary place, then we are more inclined to reach out to others and give our hearts to them.  - Luci Swindoll

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Preparing tea

Steeping Tea is Easy

Heat fresh, filtered water.

Add one teaspoon of tea or herbs or one tea bag per six-ounce cup – the size of a traditional tea cup not a mug. If using full-leaf loose tea, first place in infuser or teapot.

Pour the water over the tea, cover in a pot and infuse.

Remove the tea bag or infuser.

Sip.This is drinking tea.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friendship facts

If you've always suspected that friendship is good for the body as well as the soul-you're right! A nine year study in California found that the death rates among people with lasting relationships such as good friendships were markedly lower than those among more isolated people.
King Georgee IV of England was one of the first English collectors of teapots  Today, lots of people(like me!) treasure their collections of beautiful tea things and are also on the lookout for just one more special cup, pot, or teaspoon.

Enjoy your cup of tea and make a new friend today.  Share your love for tea and Jesus with her or him. 

Tea and scones

Check out some of our great scones at 
I am an independent consultant for Tealightful Treasures and love to share tea and scones with others.  Let me know if you have any questions about tea. Love to share.
Have a blessed weekend!

My day

Wow!  What a day it was today and sure felt God's presence.  Before I left today to volunteer at our church bookstore God led me to post on my facebook the song from Casting Crowns that I posted here too on Thursday. This song touches my heart and know we need to pray.  I had my cup of tea and left for the bookstore.  Have I told you yet my dream is to have a tea room someday along with a used or new Christian bookstore?  As I arrived at our church's bookstore I got started checking some inventory and that is fun because I get to see all the wonderful things that are coming in.  Well, one order was a teaset!  I got to see a teapot and cup and saucer with a Bible verse on the teapot.  It was very pretty.  Made me think again of my dream but then remembered that God has put me on a different journey at this time and am enjoying it.
As it was getting to 1 pm ,my quitting time, two women came in.  I found out they were mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and mother-in-law was here visiting from Tennessee.  The daughter-in-law was purchasing Jesus Calling devotional for mother-in-law. We got talking and sharing and found out that daughter-in-law had lost her 7 month old son back in July and heard the story of how they came to Grace church.  Mother-in-law said it was two angels that she had met after church one day in Tennessee that brought her son and daughter-in-law to Grace and it was a blessing as Grace has really helped them along.  The man and woman angels were from Minnesota, mother-in-law  said  and she asked where and they said Chanhassen and she said my son lives there.  They , the angels, asked if they had a church and she said they are searching and they, the angels,  said they need to go to Grace. 
We talked about angels and my experience with an angel I felt was an angel when we lived in Texas. 
As I was checking them out with their purchases I said, Oh, you are getting the Casting Crowns CD and I really like this one song and posted this on my facebook today and the daughter-in-law says so did I before I left today to come here.  Wow!  WE both looked at each other and said this is God working here and bringing us together at this time before I was leaving .  They were my last customers. I also found out they go to same service as our family does.  God gave me another friend at Grace today.  Isn't he just wonderful?.  I so enjoy working at the bookstore and I have met some wonderful friends there.  It is truly a blessing from God.  Oh, and that is another story.  I was praying about working at a bookstore and that Sunday , a few months ago,I go into the bookstore and see a sign asking for volunteers and so I signed up.  The person in charge of the bookstore's name is Harvey and that is my dad's name!  Not too many Harveys. 
I got a call from the person who is going to have a tea tasting Oct. 31st and it was fun to talk about tea and scones for her party.  I am excited and so is she.  God is going to introduce me to some more friends that enjoy tea that day and it will be fun.
I have a tea on Monday with assisted living group and will be sharing our famous heart teacups.  Please pray that God will be with us that day and we will feel his presence.  There will be about 8 women.  I will share tea, devotion and tea bingo.  Please pray that I will be ready and it will be a relaxing time with these women.
Thank you for the prayers. 
Have I told you that I am blessed to be doing this blog and sharing with you?  I  pray that you are enjoying and that you will be blessed  reading my blog. 
Enjoy your cup or cups of tea today. 
Relaxing in His word with a cup of tea.

Blessings on your day!   

Traveling Tea with Jesus

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Casting Crowns - If We've Ever Needed You

This song is one of my favorites and listen while you sip your favorite cup of tea. God's blessing on your day. Enjoy your tea and listen to this song and pray.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10 thoughts on Whole Living

This came from my October issue of Whole Living by Terri Trespicio

If you can successfully change one bad habit, your're likely to change another.
Don't assume you know what someone needs you to do. Ask.
Sometimes all it takes to get through a tough time is a single , powerful word.
Be courageous enough to listen for the truth
When you shine a light on a negative thought , it loses its power- 
When you can't shut out illness entirely, you can make your body a place where health thrives.
Do something that makes you sweat
Embrace frayed edges, worn pages, and laugh lines. True beauty lies in imperfection
Reimnd a loved one THAT SHE'S NOT ALONE
Learning to love requires as much openness as it does strength.

With that enjoy your 2-3 cups of tea today. 

Traveling Tea with Jesus

Black Tea Benefits

Article I found about 10 Health Benefits of Black Tea

By M James M James

Level: Platinum

I'm Matthew, and have been writing articles on various subjects for several years. As well as writing articles, I enjoy sport and music and spending ...

Black Tea is made from the same plant as green tea and white tea. Black tea doesn't mean tea without milk, and white tea doesn't mean tea with milk. The difference is the way the tea leaves are processed after picking. Green and white teas are hardly processed at all, whereas black tea is fully oxidized.

Here are 10 health benefits of drinking black tea:

1. Studies continue to show that tea is very good for you, and has some amazing health properties that cannot be ignored.

2. Black teas contain antioxidants which prevent the damage caused by free radicals which can lead to numerous diseases.

3. Drinking black teas can help to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, as it helps to expand the arteries, which increases blood flow to the heart.

4. Research has shown the black tea can be used in the fight against cancer. Properties of the tea slow down the growth of cancerous cells without destroying healthy cells.

5. Tea is also believed to help to delay the aging process. Nowadays there are many anti aging creams and lotions that contain tea extracts to help the skin look younger.

6. Drinking black tea can help to burn fat and speed up metabolism. This makes it an ideal drink for those who are looking to lose weight, or who exercise regularly.

7. Drinking tea such as black and green tea helps to reduce bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol

8. Tea contains fluoride, which can help to prevent tooth decay by strengthening tooth enamel.

9. For those people with diabetes, drinking tea can help to decrease glucose levels, which can reduce the risk of cataracts, and other conditions brought about by diabetes.

10. Investigations have shown that the benefits of black tea are lessened when milk is added. So, in order to take advantage of the amazing health benefits of this tea, it's recommended that you don't take your tea with milk or sugar.

There are so many different loose teas to choose from that you won't get bored. As well as black, why not try white and green tea? Many people don't make these sorts of teas properly, which is why some people don't like loose tea. By using a tea machine, you can ensure that you are getting the water temperature and the steeping time right, you can be reassured that you are getting the health benefits of black tea.

Drinking just 3-5 cups of black tea daily can bring about all these health benefits. If you drink tea already, why not change to black or green tea, and see if that improves your health and well being. By starting to drink black, green or white tea today, eating healthily, and getting regular exercise, you can dramatically reduce the risks of serious medical conditions. If you're not currently a tea drinker, what are you waiting for?
Article Source:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

GREEN TEA powerful health benefits

GREEN TEA powerful health benefits

Check out our Green tea at

The Adventuresome Spirit

.My devotion from A Grand New Day which was good to ponder as I am on this journey.

The Adventuresome Spirit
Ps. 119:114 The way you tell me to live is always right; help me understand it so I can live to the fullest.

It seems like there is something electrifying about individuals with adventuresome spirits.  They see life through a different lens.  They don't wat on the sidelines.  They don't keep sayin, "if only..." or "why me?"  They don't battle against unusual circumstances or departures from the norm.  It's as if they operate from a whole different voltage or current.  They almost emit electricity because nothing about them is dull or uninteresting or unplugged.
A life of adventure is ours for the taking, whether we're seven or seventy-whether we throw a paper route, take care of an aging parent, study for a degree, work around the clock, stay at home to raise our children, or circle the globe in the service of our Creator. I'm convinced that the whole world is better when  we, as individuals, capture and savor each moment as the gift that it is, embrace the challenge or joy of it, marry it ( if you will) and thereby transform it with the magic of creative possibility.  Life, for the most part, is what we make it.  We have been given a responsibility to live it fully, joyfully, completely, and richly, in whatever span of time God grants us on this earth.   Luci Swindoll ( I Married Adventure)

Enjoy your cup of tea and this devotion. 
Praying you have a blessed day!

                           Traveling Tea with Jesus

Monday, October 11, 2010

My day today

I wanted to get to my favorite thrift store today because everything was half off due to Columbus Day!   Man, the store was jam packed!  It is so amazing how God can bring you something that you just know would be great for your tea business.  I have been putting my teacups, etc in picnic baskets as that is what I want to do.  Traveling Tea with Jesus wants to travel with their tea, teacups, teapots, etc all  in picnic baskets.  Well, I could not believe when I came across this picnic basket on wheels!  It is like a suitcase.  As I approached the basket, somebody picked it up and looked at it.  Well, I thought that is ok I don't need to have it.  Well, the person put it back down so as I was looking at some other things I thought I should really take a look at this.  Of course I did and found it would be just perfect for me. I thanked God for this gift at a good price.  About $7 and what was interesting is that it had a price tag of $100.  No, that could not be right but then again maybe it could?  It was a gift from God and I am excited to be on this journey.

Enjoy your cup of tea and your time with Jesus.

Traveling Tea with Jesus

A Teatime Blessing

From the book

A Teatime Blessing

Lord, grant that our time together be

Steeped in serenity, Sweetened by sharing, and

Surrounded by the warm fragrance of your love.


Traveling Tea with Jesus

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Check out our teas at
Also, if you would like to host an online tea or one in your home  email me at

I also share teas with assisted living homes along with devotion and tea bingo.  We enjoy this very much and love to share with others and give back to every life we touch.

Take time for tea and with others.  It just might make the day for someone.

As an independent consultant for Tealightful Treasures our dream is to give back to every life we touch.  In this fast paced world there is little time for making memories and the moments that matter.  May we always have the opportunity to share the simple idea of taking time for tea, plus the value it provides for only pennies a cup!


Traveling Tea with Jesus

Brewing Loose Leaf Tea : Tea Types

Brewing Tea : Tea Steeping Time


A teapot is a porcelain or ceramics covered vessel with a spout used to steep tea bags or loose tea and served into teacups.


The teapot was brought to Europe in the late 17th century with the import of teas from Asia. It was a symbol of luxury available only to the upper class. In the 18th century Europeans began to produce bone china after which teapots became more readily available.

Buying Guide

When choosing a teapot think about the design. Teapots are decorative pieces that are often displayed and even collected. Choose a teapot you will be proud to show off.
Functionality is another critical factor. Teapots come in many shapes and sizes. Choose a size that will accommodate your family or your guests. Be sure that the teapot has a comfortable handle, a good lid, and that the spout and handle line up well. If you often drink loose tea, getting a pot with a built in filter will be an added bonus.


Never stop praying!  1 Thess. 5:17
From  A Grand New Day Women of Faith Prayer isn't suppose to offer a simple solution. It's meant to be a place to take our concerns and lay them at Jesus' feet.  When we approach our petitions in that way, they become not just a time to test God's response but an opportunity to release the cares of our lives.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

God is powerful

As I sit here on this beautiful Wednesday afternoon I see much that God has created.  The sun, the birds, the trees, the grass, the breeze.  I just love these type of days with temperature around 70 or so. 
I had my cup of tea and devotion.  My devotion today was about God being powerful and how we come to him with our requests and He will listen. My prayer for you today is that you will be touched by God today and that you will know He is right there with you.
Traveling Tea with Jesus

Here is my prayer for today and Bible verse I would like to share with you.  Enjoy it over a cup of tea.

God’s divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness. Through these (His glory and goodness) He has given us His very great and precious promises, so that through them (the promises) you may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires ” ( 2 Peter 1:3&4).

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you that through Your divine power I have all that I need today to get through life and to be a godly person in the process. Thank you that You have given me promises in Your Word. I believe Your Word, please open my heart today to the help of Your Holy Spirit. Thank you that I can actually participate in the divine nature of Jesus and be different where I walk today because of Your power at work in me and through me.

Fill me with Your Spirit now. Help me in the practical circumstances of life today to be wise and
careful. Help me in my relationships today to show Your love and grace. Give me physical and emotional strength. Thank you that I will need nothing today that You cannot lovingly and abundantly supply me with as I allow You access to my whole life today. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One tip about CEYLON teas; do not over steep. These teas are light and astringent in nature. Steep 3 to 4 minutes and taste. If you find you would like a stronger brew, use more tea!
1. Moon Garden - Beautiful to look at!  It's like aroma therapy in a cup.  Mary Johnson ( TT Warehouse Manager) pointed out that the chamomile buds look like little moons!  This tea has a lovely vanilla flavor and scent!  We have added a good helping of real ground vanilla bean. The rose petals and chamomile give it a nice floral undertone!
2. Silent Blessings - Very nice lemon and ginger blend. Great cold and also very fragrant.  Excellent with Amaretto Honey Stix! 
Mitch Phillips likes this tea when his allergies give him a scratchy throat!   
3. Spice It Up - Laura Bacon (Consultant Services) say's "it's like apple cider without the sugar".  Carol Thompson (Production and Test Kitchen ) said, " I think this is a wonderful fall tea, it's unlike any other tea we have!"  Everyone agreed that the flavors of apple & spice are very soothing.  It's a keeper!
Have fun and create your own blend!

Caramel Apple Spice
Blend: TT Spice It Up (apple spice black) with TT Caramel Cream (caramel black with caramel)

4. Lover's Leap! - This tea is from Pedro Estates in Sri Lanka.  It is an excellent afternoon tea.  Try it with milk (not cream) and TT Amber Crystal sugar well.  Eric Phillips (VP of TT) say's this is a great straight up black tea, "it doesn't need anything else!"  This Friday we are going to surprise everyone at home office with our savory tea sandwiches and Lover's Leap for lunch.  Shhh, don't tell them!

If you have not ordered these teas you should get them today. The most wonderful feature of these blends is the beautiful artwork on the labels!  Tealightful Treasures is donating 10% of the net sales of every Hot Tea & Hugs tea to the boys of the Sri Jinanda Orphanage.  Try them today!

November teas

We are scheduling tea events for November at assisted living homes so if interested please let us know ASAP.  We are having tea events in Minnesota and Texas.  We will be in Texas the week of Thanksgiving.  Love to share  tea, devotion and tea Bingo with residents at assisted living homes.
You can find more under labels.  Go to the right of this post and scroll down to labels and look for monthly tea events and click on that.  You will find info for October and November tea events.
Thanks for checking out our blog and love for you to add your email to our blog and you will receive our posts daily.  You can also follow our blog too!
Enjoy your cup of tea and devotion today.

Tealightfully yours,
Cindy at Traveling Tea with Jesus 

Superfruit Teas

We have a wonderful  Superfruit Gogi Green Tea you might want to try.

Superfruit Teas are made from a base of the finest China green tea expertly blended with superfruits recognized for their superior antioxidant qualities, reported health benefits and vibrant flavors. Deeply pigmented Superfruits like pomegranates, black raspberries and açaí berries, not only have centuries of traditional use, but the support of modern science in their antioxidant qualities.

Antioxidants include vitamin C, vitamin E, carotenoids and many phytochemicals. Free radicals damage cells and DNA, increase cancer risk and accelerate the aging process. The more antioxidants, the more effective the neutralizing capacity is in slowing down the aging process. If free radicals go unchecked, they can even attack and damage DNA, possibly causing deformation and mutation of the blueprinted cells.* Studies suggest that people who eat more vegetables and fruits, which are rich sources of antioxidants, may have a lower risk for some types of cancer (source: American Cancer Society).
Traveling Tea with Jesus

Tea and Antioxidants

What is an antioxidant?

Antioxidants are naturally occurring substances found in some of nature’s best-tasting foods and beverages, including tea. Also abundant in fruits, vegetables and chocolate, they include nutrients such as beta carotene, vitamins C and E and selenium that can prevent or repair damage that has been done to body cells through exposure to free radicals. Unstable molecules that can damage the cells in our bodies, free radicals are produced as a part of our metabolism, but they also come from air pollution, alcohol, pesticides, sunlight, smoke and fried foods. Quite literally, antioxidants fight the oxidative stress these molecules can cause.

Among myriad other benefits, antioxidants can prevent LDL (low-density lipoprotein, also known as “bad cholesterol”) from becoming oxidized, which makes it stickier, making it more of a threat to our arteries. Antioxidants may also improve immune function and perhaps lower the risk for infection and cancer.

In our bodies, the antioxidant process is similar to stopping a cut apple from turning brown. Once sliced, an apple begins to rust very quickly. But if you dip it in lemon juice, which contains vitamin C, it won’t brown.

While many teas are rich in antioxidants, green, 100% White, oolong and black teas, caffeinated or decaffeinated are among the most powerful. Some herbal blends, especially rooibos, also provide abundant antioxidants.
Spread the word about benefits of tea.  You just might help a friend.  
Traveling Tea with Jesus

Health Benefits of Tea

What are the Health Benefits of Tea?

For centuries, tea has been associated with good health. Now more than ever, scientific research supports that connection.
Studies have found that tea is rich in the plant substances known as flavonoids. These naturally occurring compounds can function as powerful antioxidants that can help neutralize the free radicals known to damage cells and lead to diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Black, green, and oolong teas may all help protect against numerous types of cancers*. In addition, by inhibiting the absorption of cholesterol in the digestive tract, tea prevents the formation of unwanted clots which may cause a heart attack or stroke. And all teas contribute vitamins A, C and E to our diets.
Green tea is especially health-promoting. With more than 30 polyphenols it affects the human system in the most positive of ways—helping us lose weight, lower cholesterol and control blood sugar. A subgroup of polyphenols, called catechins, is abundant in green tea. One catechin in particular, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg), is found only in green tea. It is one of the most potent antioxidants yet discovered. Because of this and so many other advantages inherent in green tea, promising evidence shows that regularly drinking green tea appears useful in helping fight breast, prostate and other cancers.
About weight loss: Recent research focuses on green tea’s impact on body composition, particularly the visceral fat implicated in heart disease. In one study, habitual tea drinkers (most of whom drank green or 100% White Tea) had almost 20 percent less body fat than those who drank other beverages. While green tea is one of the healthiest beverages you can sip, 100 %White Tea is even more so. Research shows that 100% White Tea retains the highest level of polyphenols of all teas.
In addition to many other attributes, tea can calm the mind, relieve stress, and is reported to aid digestion. Good for the spirit, good for the body.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat or cure any disease.

Black tea is produced when withered tea leaves are rolled and oxidized causing the leaves to turn dark.

Next, the leaves are fired in hot pans or drying chambers which stops the oxidation process. As is true for every step of the process, firing must be done by a true master to avoid flaws that may affect the final flavor.

Some say black tea helps clear a foggy mind. With each sip, may you find clarity and achieve awareness.

Something Interesting to Consider…

Extended oxidation changes the chemical structure of the tea leaf and allows key flavor characteristics to emerge, giving black teas their deep color and complex flavors.


Black Tea has less than half the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee.

Steeping Black tea is Easy

Heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil.

Add 1 teaspoon of tea leaves or 1 tea bag per 6 ounce cup – the size of a traditional tea cup rather than a mug.

Pour the water over the tea and infuse.

Steep tea 3-5 minutes (for tea leaves or tea bags).

Experiment to find your favored steeping time. Enjoy Sip by Sip.

Monday, October 4, 2010

How to brew Mate

How to Brew Yerba Mate

By an eHow Contributor

Yerba mate is a popular beverage in South America. According to the Yerba Mate Association of the Americas (YMAA), yerba mate is prepared by steeping the dried, ground leaves from a type of holly tree found in South America. Fans of yerba mate claim that it offers more antioxidants than black or green teas. Yerba mate also contains caffeine and a cup of the beverage provides approximately 40 mg of caffeine, about a third of the amount found in a cup of coffee.

.Difficulty: Easy

Instructions.Things You'll Need:

Ground yerba mate, in loose leaf or tea bag form Tea pot Tea strainer, if applicable Drip coffee maker and filter, if applicable

Purchase ground yerba mate at your local health food store. It is most commonly sold in either loose leaf or tea bag forms. If you do buy the loose leaf yerba mate, be sure to also purchase a metal tea strainer to hold the leaves.


Fill a tea pot with cool, fresh water and place it on the stove over medium heat. Heat the water until it is hot and steaming, but not boiling. Remove the tea pot from the stove.


Unwrap a tea bag of yerba mate. If you are using a tea strainer, put 1/2 to 1 tbsp. of the loose leaf yerba mate into the strainer and snap it closed. You may use more or less yerba mate depending on how strong you like your cup. Briefly run your tea bag or tea strainer under cool water. According to Eco Teas, a manufacturer of yerba mate, rinsing the yerba mate with cool water before brewing can help preserve the antioxidants.

Place your tea bag or tea strainer into a mug and pour hot water from the tea pot into the mug.

Let the yerba mate steep in the hot water for at least five minutes before drinking. After five minutes, remove the tea bag or strainer and enjoy your glass of yerba mate.


Prepare loose leaf yerba mate in a traditional drip coffee machine if you need multiple servings. Place a coffee filter into the coffee machine along with 4 tbsp. of yerba mate and follow the directions for your particular coffee maker. Adding 4 tbsp. can make 12 cups in a drip coffee maker. Add an additional 1 or 2 tbsp. of yerba mate if you prefer it stronger.
Traveling Tea with Jesus

tea preparation

Green Teas 1 rounded tsp / cup 160 - 180 2 - 4 min.
*some may be brewed several times
White Tea 2 tsp 160-180 2-4 minutes
Black Teas 1 rounded tsp / cup 203 - 212 2 - 5 min.
Herbal Teas 1 rounded tsp / cup 203 - 212 3 - 4 min.
*some may require more tea
Rooibos (Red) 1 rounded tsp / cup 203 - 212 2 - 3 min.
Oolongs 1 rounded tsp / cup 203 -212 5 - 7 min.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Whole leaf tea

Whole leaves retain all of their natural oil, yeilding a more richly flavored, full-bodied tea.
Enjoy some full leaf loose teas today. 

Traveling Tea with Jesus

Step by Step ritual for infusing full leaf tea

Step by step ritual for infusing full-leaf tea

Fill kettle with fresh, cold filtered water and heat to rolling boil- unless making green or white tea. In that case, stop short of boiling to avoid cooking the delicate leaves.

If using teapot, warm it first by swirling in a splash of steamy water and pour it out.

Use about one teaspon of tea or herbs per six ounces of water, and place it inside an infuser or teapot.

Pour the water over the tea, cover it in a pot and infuse to taste.

White and Green tea short of boiling and 2- 3 minutes steep

Black tea boiling water and 3-5 minutes steep

Oolong , Rooibos, Herb boiling water and 5-7 minutes steep

Enjoy your tea and of course love for you to try some of our teas at

Ask Him

Great devotion. Touch someone today with your heart and Jesus and maybe even a cup of tea.

Traveling tea with Jesus

Making placemats

I spent tonight making placemats for my upcoming October tea events.  I had fun and it went well .  Of course I made all different sizes which I think it makes it more interesting.  Also, wrapped some chocolates for the tea events.  Chocolate always good!

We have some great teas with chocolate you might want to try.
French Chocolate Mint  Rooibos T2223 Yummy!
Coconut Dream T2110 Black tea, chocolate chips, cocoa beans and bits, coconut flakes

Check out our teas at

You can also have an online book party and receive some tea for free.  I can supply a couple of teas to try.

Traveling Tea with Jesus

Oct 3rd Just between friends

Blessed are those who give without remembering and receive without forgetting.  Lynda Oster

Be very glad! for a tremendous reward awaits you up in heaven.  Matthew 5:12

Traveling Tea with Jesus

October 2nd reading from Just between friends

We take the worst of each other, the best of each other... Stirring it all together we say with loyalty and gentle understanding. "I love and totally accept the mixture of you.  Ruth Harms Calkin

And I pray that Christ will be more and more at home in your hearts as you trust in him.  May your roots go down deep into the soil of God's marvelous love.  Ephesians 3:17

Have you had your cup of tea?  What is your favorite?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Monthly Teas and prayer tea

Check out what I do- go to the right and scroll down to labels and click monthly tea events.  If interested in more info please let me know.
I am also involved with a friend doing tea and prayer every two weeks and did our first one a couple of weeks ago and it was good.  Felt God's presence.

Have a blessed weekend!

Overcoming fear

I have seen this topic come up a few times the last couple of weeks and wanted to share this devotion I had today.  Read over a cup of tea.  Read Psalm 34 if God leads.

Traveling Tea with Jesus
From the website Eras of Elegance

Afternoon tea is a wonderful ritual that brings beauty and grace into the life of your family and friends. There is something uniquely gracious about the etiquette and manners we bring to afternoon tea that recaptures the romance of past ages. Henry James wrote, "There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as an afternoon tea." Afternoon tea was invented by Anna Duchess of Bedford (1783-1857), one of Queen Victoria's ladies-in-waiting. Anna was quite fond of taking tea and petite-sized cakes in her boudoir during the late afternoon hours. Many followed the Duchess' lead, and thus the ritual of afternoon tea was birthed. In fact, a culture of sorts emerged around the tradition of drinking tea. Fine hotels began to offer tea rooms, while tea shops opened for the general public. Tea dances also became popular social events at which Victorian ladies met potential husbands. A Victorian tea party also provides the perfect opportunity to fellowship with other ladies or get to know some of your neighbors. A regular afternoon tea makes a relaxed context for a ladies Bible study, prayer group or neighborhood book club. Even young girls can be included in tea time. And lest you think that you need to buy fancy china and learn all of the proper tea etiquette, it is more important to extend a hand of friendship and open your heart and home to others.

God listens to us

God hears our prayers and wants to hear from us.  I went to hear Jill Savage speak tonight at a conference and it was at a Hispanic church.  It was very good.  One thing she said about prayer.  Prayer can be awkward.  Push through awkward to new normal that you want to create. Be a church at home too.
Great stuff. 
Enjoy a cup of tea with your devotion and prayer.

Traveling Tea with Jesus  

Friday, October 1, 2010

Say "Yes" for tomorrow from the book The Tea Lover's Devotional

Rejoice that your names are recorded in heaven- Luke 10:20

A few days after Roy  Rogers passed away at his home in Apple Valley, California, a local Christian television station broadcast a tribute to his life.  In one of the segments, Dale Evans, Roy's wife, sang a song entitled, "Say 'Yes' for Tomorrow."  This song was dedicated to the memory of Roy's early decision to put his trust in Jesus as his Savior.
While listening to this song I began to think back over my own life, back to when I invited Jesus, as my Lord, into my heart.  At that time I made the most important decision in my life.  I truly said "yes" for tomorrow," in that I settled my eternity by saying "yes" to Jesus.  I was a teenager who came from a Jewish background.  Even though my decision for Christ didn't set well with my extended family of aunts and uncles, it did settle for me what my tomorrows would be.  My direction for the future was decided.  As I've matured in my life I've realized that many adults have never made that affirmation. 
What a shame to search all one's life and then, at the end of life, be unsure what the future might hold.
Dale Evans shared with her audience that Roy had made this decision a long time ago.  And since she also was a believer she had the assurance that she would be reunited with Roy in heaven.
If you haven't settled what tomorrow will be, take time today to guarantee your destination.  Confirm to your family that you will be united together forever in heaven.

Father God, I thank you for providing a way so I can know where my tomorrow will be. Thank you for sending Jesus to pay the price on the cross for my sins.

In advance of a tea party, create a list of what makes each woman you have invited beautiful in your eyes.  Use examples from that woman's life of how she demonstrates areas of beauty and grace.  Share these with the group and encourage others to offer their words of honor as you lift up each person in attendance.

                                             Where there's tea there's hope.  Sir Arthur Pinero

Traveling Tea with Jesus