Thank you for joining my blog. I would love to share some tea with you.

We share tea and talk tea at assisted living homes, private homes and community centers. We play Teago Bingo with prizes for winners. We are also doing mystery tea events.

If you would like more info on our tea tasting events, mystery teas or want to receive a free sample of tea please email or call 763-370-2980. Love to hear from you!

Spend time being refreshed by God's Word with a cup of tea. Relax in a comfy chair that gets some afternoon sun. Reflect on the goodness of life.

Real joy comes not from ease or riches or
from the praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile. Wilfred T. Grenfell

Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him, bless His name. Ps 100:4

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Blessings to you and your family. Have
a TEA- rrrific day.

Email me for a free sample of tea!

Traveling TEA With Jesus

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Japanese Tea Ceremony is called Cha-no-yu.  The Japanese Tea ceremony is based on the principles of
harmony, respect, purity and tranquility

Traveling Tea October events

My calendar is filling up for October.  I am getting ready to meet some new people over tea and excited!  I am excited that I will be sharing tea, a devotion and Tea Bingo. God gave me some assisted living homes, individual homes and my home  to have tea with.  I am excited to share tea and Jesus with them.
In each day remember to listen to what God is wanting to tell you.  It sure can be a surprise at times.
This is the perfect time to share some tea with others.  Minnesota is to have a freeze this weekend is what I am hearing from friends.  Grab that cup of tea and take time out for Jesus.  It will be time well spent!

Traveling Tea with Jesus

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Encouragement in believing

Tea classification

Tea Classification

Although there are hundreds of varieties of Chinese tea, they can be mainly classified into five categories, that is, green tea, black tea, brick tea, scented tea, and Oolong tea.

With its natural fragrance, green tea, as the oldest kind of tea, is widely welcomed by different people. It is baked immediately after picking. According to the different ways of processing, it can be divided to many kinds. Among various green tea, Longjing (Dragon Well) Tea around the West Lake in Hangzhou, HuangshanMaofeng Tea from Mt. Huangshan, Yinzhen (Silver Needle) Tea from Mt. Junshan and Yunwu (Cloud and Mist) Tea from Mt. Lushan are most famous.

Black tea is much more favored by foreigners. Different from green tea, black tea is a kind of fermented tea. After the fermentation, its color changes from green to black. The most famous black teas in China are " Qi Hong (originated in Anhui), "Dian Hong"(originated in Yunnan), and "Ying Hong" (originated in Guangdong).

Oolong tea, with an excellent combination of the freshness of green tea and the fragrance of black tea, become popular with more and more people. It has a good function in helping body building and dieting. Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan are the major producing areas of this kind of tea. Oolong tea grows on cliffs, the hard picking process make it the most precious tea.

Scented tea, which is very popular in Northern China, in fact is a mixture of green tea with flower petals of rose, jasmine, orchid and plum through an elaborate process. Among this type, jasmine tea is common.

Brick tea, usually pressed into brick shape, is mainly produced in Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Yunnan and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Brick tea is made from black tea or green tea and is pressed into blocks. This kind of tea is popular with minority people in border regions. The most famous one is "Pu'er Tea" made in Yunnan province.

There are other kinds of tea. Among them white tea is special and is not very familiar to most people. Just as its name suggests, this kind of tea is as white as silver. It is mainly produced in Zhenhe and Fuding in Fujian Province, but popular in Southeast Asia. Famous varieties include "Silver Needle" and "White Peony".

Monday, September 27, 2010

Trip back to Minnesota

As I sit here waiting for our flight back to Minnesota to load I have received 3 calls for having tea in Minnesota.  God is so good.  It will be a busy October but I am happy to be able to share tea with others and meet some new friends!  That is what is exciting. Enjoying a cup of tea with new friends.  Sharing God's word with them and playing some Tea Bingo. 
Enjoy your cup of tea today with God's word.

Traveling Tea with Jesus

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Inspiration of Tea

Not what we give, but what we share, For the gift without the giver is bare; Who give himself with his alms feeds three, Himself, his hungering neighbor, and me.  James Russell Lowell

The very act of preparing and serving tea encourages conversation.  The little spaces in time created by teatime rituals call out to be filled with conversation.  Even the tea itself-warm and sweet and comforting-inspires a feeling of relaxation and trust that fosters shared confidences.
Even more important, tea nurtures friendship by inviting us to be present to one another-right now, in the moment.
So many things in our culture can be done without having to be fully aware or focused.  We can go about our business without tuning in mentally and emotionally to the people around us or to the task at hand.  We can drive and listen to the radio at the same time.  We can eat dinner in front of the television.  We can go to enterainment events or even to church and sit side by side without truly connecting with one another.
But when we offer tea to someone, we are also offering ourselves.  We are saying, "I will listen to you. I will treat you with respect. I will be present for you."
Teatime supports a conversation by giving us something to do when the dialogue lags... or hits an uncomfortable snag.  If we don't know what to say, we can always pick up another muffin or freshen our companion's cup or just inhale the aroma of our own cup, and thus negotiate the silences to explore deeper levels of companionship.
The relationship enhancing properties of tea make it a wonderful vehicle for getting to know someone new, for patching up a misunderstanding, for sharing good news or supporting one another in bad times.  I have seen lives change over teacups.  I have seen new friendships forged and old friendships renewed. 
It's not the tea, remember-it's the spirit of the tea party.  And the spirit of the tea party is, above all, the spirit of true friendship.

Lord , help me be fully present-in heart, soul, and mind-to enjoy the sweet communion of kindred spirits over a cup of tea.  Amen

Treat your teatime companions-strangers, friends, or family-with the same gentleness and respect you reserve for the delicate china teacups!

Time Spent with God today

I was praying about my business/ministry and God put before me the story about Mary and Martha. He reminded me that as I do my sharing tea with others, devotion and Tea Bingo I don't have to be so busy with details. I just need to share tea, a devotion and Tea Bingo. I don't need to be so concerned about how fancy it is. What He said to me today was be with the people, spend quality time with them, share Jesus with them. Be more of a Mary than a Martha. Enjoy your time with the special people I bring to you.  He shared with me we don't need to have all these things to share tea. Make it simple so that you can share with others what is really important. That is what He wants me to do. I am excited to be on this journey God has put me on. He keeps showing me each day how He wants me to proceed.

Here is a devotional that I would like to share with you which I read today that spoke to me and about what I received from the Lord today.

A Quiet Place 
Ps. 23:2-3  He maketh me to lie down in green pastures He leadeth me beside the still waters.  He restoreth my soul; He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
Ruth has been scurrying around all morning, baking bread, making homemade pickles, and washing the beets she'd picked from her garden.  The kitchen was stuffy and hot, and she felt the weight of exhaustion.
She had just finished cleaning the kitchen when she heard a horse and buggy pull into the yard.  She glanced out the window and saw her sister, Marilyn, step down from her buggy.
Ruth opened the back door as Marilyn walked onto the porch.  "What a surprise!  I didn't expect to see you until Sunday, " Ruth said, motioning her sister to come inside. 
Marilyn smiled and entered the house.  "I felt like taking some time off today, and I thought you might like to go with me to a quiet place."
Ruth tipped her head in question.  "It's not quiet at your place?"
"Not the kind of quiet I need when I'm feeling tired or stressed.  Besides, when I'm at home I see all the work that needs to be done."  She reached for Ruth's hand.  "How about you?  Wouldn't you like to take a little breather?"
Ruth nibbled on her bottom lip.  "I really should clean the rest of the house, and then I need to...."
"You'll make yourself sick if you work so much," Marilyn interrupted.
Ruth knew her sister was right; she really did need to take a break.  She hung her choring apron over the back of a chair and opened the door.  :Where is this quiet place you are taking me to?"
Marilyn wiggled her eybrows, " Remember how much fun we used to have when we were girls and went swimming in the neighbor's pond?"
Ruth's mouth fell open. "We're going swimming?"
Marilyn chuckled. " I think wading might be more appropriate for women our age.  Or we can take off our shoes and let the tall grass tickle our toes as we listen to the birds sing and feel the wind blowing softly against our faces."
Ruth nodded, feeling a sense of excitement.  She knew it would do her some good to get away for a while and let God minister to her tired soul.
If we aren't careful, the demands of life can overwhelm us.  Taking the time to relax and enjoy the beauty of God's creation can restore and renew our tired bodies, as well as our minds.
In Matthew 11:28 , God invites us to "come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."  Even if you can't leave the house for a time of renewal, remember to pause several times during your busy day.  Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and visualize yourself sitting in a quiet place beside the Lord.
It is not the load that breaks us down, it's the way we carry it.

Traveling Tea with Jesus

Tea devotion and Tea in Texas

Grab your cup of tea and enjoy the devotion.

A Moving Experience
Genesis 46:1-5
The refrain"from sea to shining sea"in the song"America the Beautiful"refers to the east-west borders of the United States.  In a similar way, in ancient Israel, the phrase" from Dan to Beersheba"practically described all of Israel from north to south.
When Jacob came to Beersheba, leaving Canaan on his way to Egypt, a wave of emotion undoubtedly washed over the old man.  Jacob's grandfather Abraham had given the city its name.  Jacob's father, Isaac, had also sojourned in Beersheba, raising Jacob and his brother, Esau, there.  From there, Jacob had last seen his mother, Rebekah, as he fled from his brother's anger.
For 130 years, Jacob associated Beersheba with everything familiar -and with memories of home.  So, as Jacob left the land that would span from Dan to Beersheba-the land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-God spoke words of comfort to the patriach.  God's words to Jacob remain a promise to all the fearful whom He leads.  Read them slowly:" I am God... do not be afraid to go... I will make you a great nation there.  I will go down with you."  (Gen. 46:3-4)
So often in our lives, God's leading produces fear in us because it requires us to journey from the familiar to the unknown.  But the One who is God offers peace of mind to those who will trust Him (see Isa. 26:3)
He reminds us that His blessings lie where He wants to take us, not in our clinging to the familiar.  And , most beautifully, He promises to go with us.

Lord Jesus, You gave me a promise that Jacob also received: "I will be with you always."  And so I will not be afraid to follow You into a future that I can't see-even to the ends of the earth.

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.

Some friends from Tea in Texas magazine.  Publisher is on right of me ,Lee Garcia.  Great people to have met and had some great tea talk while walking.   We did the walk for PCOS.  It was great to meet with her and her assistant and family.  Check out the magazine, Tea in Texas, as it is a wonderful publication.

Contact info

Lee Q. Garcia

Tea in Texas Media

p. TEA-922-9335

Friday, September 24, 2010
This devotion hit me.
Take time to pray with a cup of tea


Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea

When the world is all at odds

And the mind is all at sea

Then cease the useless tedium

And brew a cup of tea.

There is magic in its' fragrance,

There is solace in its' taste;

And then laden moments vanish

Somehow into space.

And the world becomes a lovely thing!

There's beauty as you'll see;

All because you briefly stopped

To brew a cup of tea.

Tea and antioxidants

Tea has antioxidants called catechins that may block certain enzymes that lead to cancer. In animal research , stomach, liver, and skin tumors shrank in mice fed green or black tea. Steeping tea for at least 5 minutes releases the most antioxidants. Have your cup today! We have some great Green Moroccan Mint Tea that is fabulous!  Shared that with our wonderful friends from Stagecoach Assisted Living and it was very nice.

Remember loose tea is better and much better taste.  Tea bags are good too but much more benefits to drinking loose tea.

When you buy loose tea just remember with a 4 oz. bag you get about 60 - 6 oz. cups of tea.   Green tea you can steep 2-3 times with the loose tea. Black tea probably about 1-2 times.

Check out our tea.   .

Have a TEA lightful day!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What a wonderful day it was

We arrived in Houston today Sept. 23rd and had our tea at Stagecoach Assisted living in Magnolia Texas.  What a beautiful place and we met some beautiful people there.  We met Dave and Manuel the owners.   That was a blessing to us.  They are truly people who care  about what they do and it was great to visit with them.
We had tea with about 9 residents and it was wonderful.  We even had 3 men who had tea with us.  It was great.  We had tea, devotion and Tea Bingo.  I pray that they enjoyed this time as much as we did. 
I had prayed before this event that God would be present and just let the time be blessed by all. I felt God's presence at Stagecoach Assisted Living. 
This is why I am doing this.  I want to touch those less fortunate and make it a day remembered for all.   I was blessed to have met these people and that they were part of my life.
I was reminded this past Sunday that as we spread God's word we make it an adventure and not a burden.  This was an adventure, one that I will treasure, and it was not a burden. 
I will remember those happy faces. I pray that God will touch each of these residents in some way that they will remember who we were, the devotion we read and they will or have accepted Jesus in their hearts.  They were so sweet.
We prayed after devotion and before we left. 
Thank you God for what you showed me today.  Show kindness and love and you will do the rest.  What a wonderful God you are!

This is a wonderful journey I am on and thanking God for the opportunity to be there at Stagecoach Assisted Living in Magnolia Texas.

We met our son at Rice University tonight for a bit and wish we had more time to visit but thankful for the time we had tonight.  We will see him again on Saturday and Sunday.  I am excited to spend some time with him.  Pray as he travels tomorrow for Oklahoma State to run a CC race on Saturday.  Thank you!

We are off tomorrow to meet some friends that we have not met personally yet and know this will be another blessing. 

Have a blessed Friday.  Touch someone with kindness, love and a cup of tea.  It will be well worth it!

Traveling Tea with Jesus  

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Off to Houston

I am writing to let you all know I will be in Houston next few days and hope to write something when I am there.  Going to be visiting our son that is attending Rice University.  I will be having a tea at the Stagecoach in Magnolia, Texas.  Please pray that the women will enjoy some tea together during this time.  Pray that we will feel the Lord's presence.  It will be fun to share some tea with other women in Texas.  Pray for our son as he travels to Oklahoma State for a CC meet Saturday morning.  Pray that the Lord will be with him during his run and that he will feel the Lord's presence.

From the book Going Places with God

All point to Him
Many people reognize the association between Elijah and John the Baptist.  After all, Jesus made it plain: John himself is Elijah who was to come."but just as the Bible parallels Elijah and John, so it also compares those they preceded: Elisha and Jesus. 
"Elisha" means " God is salvation," and "Jesus" means " the Lord is salvation." Both men performed a slew of similar miracles.  They miltiplied bread, healed the leprous  and defied gravity on water.  Each raised a dead boy to life in the Jezreel Valley beside the Hill of Moreh.
Even more remarkable, Elijah passed his prophetic ministry to Elisha after parting the Jordan River near Jericho.  Tradition holds that John baptized Jesus at this same site, transferring the prophetic mantle once again.  But this time, instead of the Jordan parting and the spirit of Elijah coming upon Elisha, the heavens parted and the Spirit of God rested on Jesus.  God used names, prophecies, miracles and even geography to underscore what John cired out.  "Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!  This is the Son of God.  Think about your own journey to Jesus.  Did not the Father use more than one friend, conversation, Scripture, preacher or happenstance to intruduce you to His Son?  Does he not continue to use a variety of means to encourage our daily walks? 
Eventually , we begin to recognize the Lord uses all things, with nothing wasted, to draw us closer to Him.  Indeed, all things point to Him... and to our need to walk closely with Him.

The way in which God heals our wound is a deeply personal process.  He is a person and He insists on working personally.  John Eldredge

Thank you for joining me here.  Love you all and hope to write in next day or so about our time in Texas.

Traveling TEA with Jesus.

Tea Online

If you would like to have a party online and receive hostess credit you sure can do that.  Just email me and we can send samples to you for the teas you would like to try and then you can put the party order in!

Traveling Tea with Jesus

Great set that we offer and very pretty.  You pour the tea into the cup and the tea forms a heart.

Another's heart is a rare and fragile gift-hold it gently and with both hands.

Ps 28:7
He is my strength, my shield from every danger.  I trusted in him, and he helped me. Joy rises in my heart until I burst out in songs of praise to him.

IT takes a long time to grow an old friend.  John Leonard

2 Chronicles 15:2  The Lord will stay with you as long as you stay with Him!  Whenever you look for him, you will find him.

Traveling Tea with Jesus

Tea and caffeine

Caffeine occurs naturally in tea. A mild stimulant, it accounts for tea’s reputation as a beverage that clears the mind and lifts the spirit.

The more oxidized the tea – as in black tea – the greater its caffeine content, as demonstrated in the caffeine chart below. Green tea and 100% White Tea, which are not oxidized, have less caffeine per cup than black tea. In between we have oolong tea, which is semi-oxidized and has about half as much caffeine as black tea.

Something Interesting to Consider…

The smaller the leaf, the stronger the extraction of caffeine. Using comparable amounts and steeping times, a tea bag filled with cut leaves will release more caffeine per cup than full-leaf tea.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tea Time Friends

Great book to give to a friend who enjoys tea. 
Some quotes.
While tea there's hope- Sir Arthur Pinero
The fingers of God touch your life when you touch a friend- Mary Dawn Hughes
Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful and believe to be beautiful.  William Morris
A friend hears the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.

Traveling Tea with Jesus

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tea as a conditioner - Minneapolis tea |

Tea as a conditioner - Minneapolis tea

Green tea and teeth - Minneapolis tea |

Green tea and teeth - Minneapolis tea

Symtomatic | Advanced Fertility Center of Texas | Houston | Medical Center | The Woodlands | College Station

Symtomatic Advanced Fertility Center of Texas Houston Medical Center The Woodlands College Station

I am posting this link as this fertility center talks about green tea that may help  infertility/endometriosis.  I will be doing this walk on the 26th of September while visiting our son in Houston at Rice University.  I am blessed to be part of this event and meet some other women who have had this history and help raise some funds for this and so excited to be doing this in Houston Texas!.  Also, doing with women who enjoy tea! 
So blessed to know my Lord and Savior!
Blessings for your Monday!

Traveling Tea with Jesus  

Here and There

During Christ's entire ministry and also after His resurrection- the apostles held as their main concern their own swift entrance into the Messiah's kingdom.  Granted, the timing made sense.  Now that the prophecies of the suffering of Christ were fulfilled, the promises of the kingdom of God could begin!
However, the Old Testament promised the blessings of the Kingdom to more than just the apostles and the believing Jews.  " All the nations will be blessed in you," the Lord assured Abraham.  So, Christ realigned their priorities, telling them, : The Father alone has the authority to set those dates and times, and they are not for you to know.
Jesus' final words to His Church came as a commission outlived by geographical parameter.  The book of Acts reveals how the Holy Spirit used the church to spread the gospel message successively; in Jerusalem, throughout Judea and in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.  Like ripples in a pond, the good news went out... but the splash began in Jerusalem.
We should begin to be His witnesses right where we live-in our Jerusalem.  But our task goes beyond our own locale.  Like the aposltes, we can quickly crave the eternal blessings of our own interestes without considering the condition of others.  Could Christ be waiting for us to share with a certain person before He comes?  How would we have felt if believers had asked Christ to come just prior to our conversion?

Dost thou live clos by them, or meet them in the streets, or labor with them... and say nothing to them of their souls, or the life to come?  Richard Baxter

Share a cup of tea with that certain person and share the Good News! Make it an adventure and not a burden.

Give of yourself

From the Tea Lover's DevotionalLuke 6:38
Give, and it will be given to you.  They will pour into your lap a good measure-pressed down, shaken together, and running over.  For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.
The world waits until someone gives before giving back; however, Scripture tells us to give first, then it will be added unto us.  We can do this with our love, affection, material things; with our friendship, help and attention.  You might have grown up with a limited, conditional kind of giving.  If so, it is time for healing.  We are so fortunate to have the ultimate example of "giving first" in our Lord.  He gave unconditional love, He gave His life, He gives His mercy and grace.
St. Francis of Assisi's words are a great encouragement to live as an instrument of God's giving goodness.

Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace; where there is hatred, let me sow love;where there is injury, pardon;'where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy.
O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
 to be understood, as to understand; to be loved, as to love; for it is in giving that we receive, it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.  Amen
Because someone who is eager to give freely and to give first.  And when others offer you injury or doubt or sorrow, return to them only forgiveness, faith and joy.
Conduct is what we do; character is what we are.  Conduct is the outward life; character is the life unseen, hidden within, yet evidenced by that which is seen... Character is the state of the heart; conduct is its outward expression.  character is the root of the tree, conduct , the fruit it bears.  E.M. Bounds

Blessings for your Monday!

Traveling TEA with Jesus

Soothe your skin!

A tea-soaked compress is perfect for soothing a sunburn.

Soothe tired feet

Fill a small tub with enough hot water to cover your feet, add a few teaspoons of Tealightful Treasures Peace Potion.  Steep for several minutes and soak your feet. 


Tea can be infused into any recipe.  Simply replace the liquid with tea and you have a fun, tea infused treat!

Friday, September 17, 2010

God is so amazing!

I received an email today about a walk/run in Houston on the 26th of September and I know this was from God.  I will be in Houston, Texas for family weekend Sept. 23rd-27th at Rice University where our son attends.  This walk/run is going to be so close to the University.  As you know, I am doing my tea business and called Traveling Tea with Jesus.  I am working with assisted living homes to bring tea, devotion and Tea Bingo.  I have a tea in Magnolia, Texas on the 23rd.  So excited to be there on the 23rd.
Well, back to the walk/run fundraiser.  This fundraiser is to raise money for infertility, endometriosis, ovarian cysts.... Apparently , there are a few women that are fond of tea that are going to be doing this walk and I am excited to be part of this group on Sunday.   There is some research that indicates that drinking tea might help this.   God is an amazing God and when  God winks at you pay attention.  A book I have been reading last couple of days titled When God winks at you is a good book.  It gives stories about little events in people's lives and about God speaking to you through these events.  Well, I know God spoke to me today and I paid attention and thanked Him for that today.  Remember, God does communicate with us even today so pay attention!.  

I will share my info regarding walk/run and if you would care to donate to this cause that would be great or if you are in the area sign up and join us!
Here is the info.
Blessings on your weekend and as always will keep in touch!

Traveling Tea with Jesus

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The comfort of tea

From the Tea Lover's Devotional
Collecting teacups in Southern California is really an act of faith.I recall the time we had a major earthquake not far from where I live.  Our home was safely south of the epicenter, and my tea things were safe, but friends and acquaintances showed me heart-stopping photographs of knee-deep rubble.  Days of shaking and aftershocks left all their breakable treasures in shards and shatters.
It wouldn't take much of an earthquake to send all my teacups crashing to the floor.
Actually, it wouldn't take an earthquake at all, for my fragile teacups are also vulnerable to more mundane danters-the cat, the feather duster, my grandchildren, my own carelessness.
I always have to confess that once I broke 14 of my own prized teacups!  A glass shelf was balanced precariously after cleaning, and it collapsed at my accidental nudge.  More than a dozen of my favorite cups fell and broke to smithereens.
I was so devastated I couldn't face what had happened.  I simply swept the china shards into a box and put in on the shelf- and six years passed before I could muster the courage to look inside the box.  Only one cup was in large enough pieces even to be salvaged with glue, and it will never be the same.
All this is to say that I take a significant risk in keeping my teacups out.  I take a risk in using them, in letting others use them.  But it's a risk I choose to take.  I choose it with my eyes open, and I choose it with gladness.
After all , life is fragile too.
But if we let that risk stop us from living, we've already lost!  While protecting ourselves from injury and loss, we're also cutting ourselves off from joy and growth.  But life in all its vulnerable beauty is incomparably worth it.
It is this realization that has taught me to take risks with my teacups, to avoid the temptation to fall back on "safe"mugs or even paper cups.  I've even learned to take those teacups traveling-outdoors on our grounds, on a picnic or even in a basket to visit a friend.  Once I move past the "safety"mentality, I can use my beautiful tea things as they were intended- to share joy and friendship and caring, truly a "cup of Kindness".  I can be thankful that something meaningful to me can give comfort to another.
Humans are beautiful and breakable, like china cups... yet we are also strong and resilient.  And unlike my cups, humans can heal and grow and move beyond disaster.  We can reach out to one another in courage and comfort. 
So what will I do when another earthquake comes?
I guess I'll do what anyone must do when disaster strikes:  I'll pick up the pieces.
And then, somehow, I'll have another cup of tea.

God, help me be a compassioinate, giving person who is quick to offer up comfort and beauty.  Let me not worry about "things" so that I can focus on hearts!  I pray as I continue to reach others with tea and devotion and tea Bingo that you will be there with me and help others to see you.  Help me to speak the words you want me to speak.  Thank you for being in my life.  Amen

Take your best tea items out of their protective wrapping or out of the cabinet and use them today.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Herbal Tea

What is Herbal Tea?

Although many devoted tea-drinkers find great pleasure in sipping these aromatic cups, “herbal teas” are not officially teas. In the world of tea, only teas made from the Camellia sinensis plant is considered real tea.
Rather, “herbal teas” are single or blended infusions of leaves, fruits, bark roots or flowers of almost any edible, non-tea plant. In Europe, herb teas or blends are commonly known as tisanes.
Something Interesting to Consider…

Within the herbal family is the wonder herb rooibos or Red Tea. Known for its high levels of health-boosting polyphenols and flavonoids, Red Tea is a South African herb cultivated only in the mountains and valleys of the Cedarberg region near Cape Town. Sip and you’ll taste a faintly sweet cup with a mellow character and no bitterness.

Herbal teas are mostly caffeine-free. However, certain herbs such as Yerba Maté contain caffeine.

Steeping is Easy

Heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil.

Add one teaspoon of herbs or one tea bag per six-ounce cup – the size of a traditional tea cup rather than a mug.

Pour the water over the herbs and infuse.

Steep herbs 5-7 minutes for herbal tea bags as well as full-leaf herbal teas.

Experiment to find your favored steeping time. Enjoy Sip by Sip.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tea question

LOve to hear from you all on how long you have been drinking tea and if not why not.  If you prepare it right it will be quite enjoyable and healthy for you.

Love to hear your story about tea.

The Museum - My Help Comes From The Lord (Slideshow With...

Saw this group at our church and wanted to share. In His Word and drinking a cup of tea. Enjoy!

How to trust God


Sip Tea to Your Health: Alleviate a Variety of Ailments Naturally By Choosing the Right Cup - Planet Green

Sip Tea to Your Health: Alleviate a Variety of Ailments Naturally By Choosing the Right Cup - Planet Green

Milk Eliminates Cardiovascular Health Benefits Of Tea, Researchers Warn

Milk Eliminates Cardiovascular Health Benefits Of Tea, Researchers Warn

Tea facts

Black, green, white, and oolong teas derive their leaves from a warm-weather evergreen tree known as Camellia sinensis. The leaves from this tree contain polyphenols. The more processing tea leaves undergo, the darker they will turn. Green tea and white tea are the least processed tea. They are simply steamed quickly. According to Dr. Doug Balentine, Director of Nutrition Health with Lipton, white tea is derived from the young new leaves from the Camellia plant in early spring. These young leaves contain no chlorophyll, so they are silvery white. Black and oolong teas are partially dried, crushed and fermented. As we have mentioned before, regardless of the processing method, black, green, white and oolong teas all contain polyphenols. In fact, tea ranks as high as or higher than many fruits and vegetables in the ORAC score, a score that measures antioxidant potential of plant-based foods.

Black tea as good as green in oral cancer prevention, say researchers

Black tea as good as green in oral cancer prevention, say researchers: "The putative ability of polyphenols from green tea to help prevent cancer has been the subject of much scientific enquiry in recent years. But researchers in India now say that drinking black tea could help prevent the development of oral"

Check out some of our green and black tea flavors.

Sleep easy with green tea

Sleep easy with green tea: "The health benefits of green tea dovetail into sleep as researchers in Japan find an amino acid located in green tea could improve slumber in young men, writes Lindsey Partos."

Jesus You're Beautiful - Cece Winans

Come to Jesus

Orphanage fundraiser Sept. 13-Sept. 19

We are doing an online ophanage tea fundraiser. Check it out at Tea Travels on Facebook.  We would love you to join us and help raise some funds for Sri Jinananda Orphanage.  Teas that qualify are T2119, T220, T2121, T2122 and T2123 gift set.  You can go to to order and go to Tea Travels to find out more on Facebook.
Thanks and enjoy God's word over tea.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bible Reading

Don't be afraid of difficulties. Scripture memorization is one important pathway in developing intimate relationship with Christ.  Read Ps. 119
Spend some time outside today.  See God's presence in nature. Offer him a heart and life filled with praise to the One who created you.

I thank you for this beautfiul day you have created.  The sunshine, the birds, the trees.  Thank you for being right along side me today. I am so thankful that I know you.


What are your tea favorites?  Check out our tea at
We have some great flavors.  Some of my favorites are Green Rooibos Peach, Spice is Nice Chai,
Christmas Morning, and Toasted Almond Spice Cake.  Oh, another one I forgot Coconut Dream.
Many more to choose from.

Share your dreams with others.  Open your hearts. Read God's word today.  By doing this you will have started your day just right and maybe helped another one along the way.  Of course, include that cup or two of tea in your day!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tea and Bible reading

Everything has its time.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
Luke 12:15-21
Eph. 5:15-17

Commit your time to God as you begin each day.  Treasure each day God has given you. Spend time with your family in His word.

Have a blessed day and enjoy your cup of tea in His word.

Monthly Tea

Check out my monthly tea events under labels.  Would love to host a tea at an assisted living in Minnesota or Texas.  Hope to meet you soon over a cup of tea!

Preparing tea

How to make a proper cup of tea

Start with rapidly boiling water. Not hot water, not slowly boiling, but rapidly boiling water.

Pour a little boiling water into the teapot to warm it up. Discard this water and return the pot to the burner so that it resumes boiling for Step 4

Loose tea is preferred but generally speaking you want one bag per cup of tea (6oz).

Pour the boiling water directly onto the tea.

Cover the teapot, swish the teapot gently a few times and let the teapot steep for a few minutes returning occasionally to swish the teapot.

In each teacup pour a small amount of milk first. The proper milk to use is 2%. Pouring the correct amount of milk required for a proper cup of tea, is a highly developed skill. Don't be surprised if this skill takes a while to develop.

Pour the tea into the milk.

Sweeten to taste with your choice of sugar

Sunday Tea

Found this site about this family in California and their Sunday Tea.  Great to read.


There is a curve called Failure…

A loop called Confusion…

Speed bumps called Friends…

Red lights called Enemies…

Caution lights called Family…

...You will have flats called Jobs…


If you have a spare called Determination…

An engine called Perseverance…

Insurance called Faith…

A driver called Jesus…

You will make it to a place called SUCCESS

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Great tea packages for students away to college

Parents of students going to away college often wish to send them packages to help them take better care of themselves while away. Whether they are living in a dormitory room or have other living arrangements, it is good to know that one’s college student has some of the comforts of home.

One of the best things anyone can send to a student away from home is quality loose tea and a means to steep it. Recent studies have linked tea drinking to many health benefits including improving the immune system, mental alertness, and the ability to concentrate. These are particularly beneficial to a student away from home.

Also, if you have any atheletes, Rooibos tea is a great thirst quencher.
If you have restless leg syndrom, muscle aches and cramps then it can mean nutritional deficiencies of  calcium, magnesium and potassium. These minierals are naturally occurring in Rooibos along with iron,copper and fluoride.  Drink 2-3 cups a day for healthy muscles, teeth and bones.
Try our Green Rooibos Peach at

Traveling Tea with Jesus

November Tea- A Cup of Thankfulness Tea

Thankfulness Tea is the theme for November Tea.
We will be serving some wonderful teas this month.
They will be :
Christmas Morning T2032- Warm and fragrant black tea blended with dried orange, citrus peel, cloves, vanilla bits, dried sweetened cranberries, natural flavorings.
Cupid's Super Fruit Gogi Green T2112- #1 top selling green tea is loaded with the antioxidants of green tea and a healthy measure of super-fruit!  It contains green tea, gogi berries, lemongrass, pomegranate seeds, natural flavorings.
Spice is Nice Chai- T2014- Black tea, cinnamon Chips, ginger, carob bits, chicory root, pepper, nutmet, cloves, green cardamom and natural flavorings. Can add milk before tea and honey and makes a great treat!

We may also share a white tea Vintage Violet T2220- Violet tea is the quintessential afternoon tea.  It was first made popular in Victorian times when the tradition held an allure for tea totalers who enjoyed the finer things in life.  Our beautiful blend contains soothing white tea and heavenly candied violets.  Love the word heavenly!

We will all be sharing what we have been thankful for in our years, devotion, and Tea Bingo for those who would like to play.

  We have two different events we offer. One is I bring the teacups, tea, devotion and Tea Bingo. Cost is as follows: 4-18 people is $75. 18-25 is $95.

Another event is each person would purchase a teacup and saucer for $18 and we will serve tea in your teacup, have devotion, and play Tea Bingo which will include prizes. The teacups are quite elegant and when you pour the tea into the cup the tea forms into a heart. Great conversation piece. For this event I would need a two week window to order teacups and saucers.

Hope to see you in November.  Remember to call with a date to see if available as soon as you know.

From the book Because I Care

Because I care, There is no need to ever feel alone. 

Carry each other's burdens.  Galatians 6:2

Traveling Tea with Jesus!

Be an encourager

Have some tea and enjoy this reading.

December Tea

I found 2 books you may be familiar with that I would like to share  at the Christmas Teas I will do in December.
I would love to be able to share some tea with you and share these books.  If you are located in Texas or Minnesota email me and we will set up a date and time to have your tea tasting event with friends in November or December.
Some teas that I will share with you are Christmas Morning, Spice it up, Toasted Almond Spice Cake, and Coconut Dream.
Check out the teas at

We have two different events we offer. One is I bring the teacups, tea, devotion and Tea Bingo.  Cost is as follows: 4-18 people is $75. 18-25 is $95.

Another event is each person would purchase a teacup and saucer for $18 and we will serve tea in your teacup, have devotion, and play Tea Bingo which will include prizes. The teacups are quite elegant and when you pour the tea into the cup the tea forms into a heart. Great conversation piece.

Traveling Tea with Jesus.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tea quote

There is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea.  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tea book , recipe and facts on tea

I received another fine tea book that I would like to share with you.  Here are a couple of things I found in this book that I would like to pass along to my tea drinking friends.  If you are using loose tea use 1 tsp for each person and one for the pot.  If adding lemon, place slice of lemon on bottom of cup and pour tea over it. If adding milk to tea add milk first and then tea. Never add milk to green or oolong tea. Remove tea leaves or tea bags after steeping tea 3-5 minutes or tea will become bitter.
Recipe to share - Southern Devonshire Cream- 1- 6 oz.carton sour cream, 1- 8 oz.cream cheese, 1 c. powdered sugar. Cream ingredients together and beat with mixer until light and fluffy. Serve in crystal bowl and garnish with strawberry and snippet of mint.  Enjoy your cup of black tea with Southern Devonshire Cream and God's Word.   Check out our teas at
Let me know if you try this cream and if you like it with your tea.

Traveling Tea with Jesus     

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Build Wisely

Building Your House An elderly carpenter was ready to retire. He told his employer-contractor of his plans to leave the house-building business to live a more leisurely life with his wife and enjoy his extended family. He would miss the paycheck each week, but he wanted... to retire. They could get by. The contractor was sorry to see his good worker go & asked if he could build just one more house as a personal favor. The carpenter said yes, but over time it was easy to see that his heart was not in his work. He resorted to shoddy workmanship and used inferior materials. It was an unfortunate way to end a dedicated career. When the carpenter finished his work, his employer came to inspect the house. Then he handed the front-door key to the carpenter and said, "This is your house... my gift to you." The carpenter was shocked! What a shame! If he had only known he was building his own house, he would have done it all so differently. So it is with us. We build our lives, a day at a time, often putting less than our best into the building. Then, with a shock, we realize we have to live in the house we have built. If we could do it over, we would do it much differently. But, you cannot go back. You are the carpenter, and every day you hammer a nail, place a board, or erect a wall. Someone once said, "Life is a do-it-yourself project." Your attitude, and the choices you make today, help build the "house" you will live in tomorrow. Therefore, Build wisely!


I follow this blog and thought good article to share

Enjoy your cup of tea and His word today

Traveling tea with Jesus


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Check out the Bible verse for today

Check out the Bible verse for today.  It is a good one!  Right on the right.

Tea and Renewal

This comes from the book Mini Teatimes.

It has long been touted that what pours from the spout of a teapot is filled with healing properties.  Green tea is said to aid the cardiovascular and immune systems and help with cholesterol levels.  Rosehips tea is an herbal tea high in vitamin C. White tea is filled with potent antioxidants.  And all this goodness doubles when we share a cup with a friend!
Don't forget tea's wonders for your emotional well-being.  When your mood or perspective needs a boost of energy and a little extra clarity, the hope and generosity of teatime is, without question, a balm for the soul.

God bless you are you sip your cup of tea and be in His word.
Check out my website sometime for some delicious teas.  You can also schedule a a time for a tea gathering online or if you are in Minnesota or Texas we do at your home or assisted living.
Blessings for your Sunday!

Traveling Tea with Jesus.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Check out our loose teas sometime.  We have some wonderful flavors to choose from.

Traveling Tea with Jesus

Friday, September 3, 2010

As I was discussing my journey over tea with a friend she thought she might be interested working together. She has an interest in tea and has many teapot collections.  She is a Christian too!
I was praying about this last night and then received my devotion this morning by email.  It is wonderful how God places things before you.  Thought I would share this with you and the devotion. 
God bless your Labor Day weekend and bless your journey with Him.

Traveling Tea with Jesus   


I got this from a friend of mine today on how to pronounce Rooibos.

So I'm having a cup of Rooibos Green Peach tea and couldn't stand not knowing how to pronounce it so I looked it up online. It's pronounced "Roy-bos or I also saw Roy-boss"

Enjoy your cup of tea today. 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 2 Where He Leads me

Matt 2:23-23
From the book Going Places with God
Almost 2000 years before Joseph and Mary journeyed to Bethlehem,Jacob and Rachel, another expectant couple, traveled the same road.  Rachel gave birth to Benjamin, but she died after delivery, and Jacob buried her near Bethlehem.  RacheL's death foreshadowed the devastation that the territory of Benjamin would suffer in Jeremiah's time.  "Rachel is weeping for her children... because they are no more. 
Yet, the prophecy found its final fulfillment in Jesus'day when Herod the Great slaughtered all baby boys in Bethlehem.  So, at God's direction, Joseph took Mary and Jesus to Egypt to live until Herod's death.
Each movement of Jesus' family finds its cause in God's revelation to Joseph- fleeing Bethlehem to Egypt, returning from Egypt to Israel, avoiding Judea to settle in Galilee.  God's purposes for these moves lay first in the protection of His Son, but Matthew notes that each directive also fulfilled Scripture.  Doubtless anyone but God saw beforehand the murky prophecies fulfilled by these geographic moves.  But in hindsight, they become clear. 
As we strain to see tomorrow with all its uncertainties, we can take comfort that our God sees the future as clearly as the past.  He seldom gives us all we need in order to understand, but He always gives us all we need to obey.  Eventually, we discover that in our simple obedience to God's Word, He has guided us along paths far too complex for us to see at the time.  He leads us with His wise-but often unusual-directives, always rooted in Scripture, for our good and for His glory. 

Lord, tomorrow is unknown, but You are already there.  While I often don't understand Your leading, I honestly don't want to go anywhere else.  As with all years past, I know that You will provide, You will guide, and I will follow.

Traveling TEA with Jesus

Pathway to Success

Pathway to Success (First Place Bible Study)I received a book the other day titled Pathway to Success.  It is a Bible Study along with Bible memorization, exercise and  I have done a series of these and they are by First Place.  Great studies! 
Well, as I started this one I could not believe first day was about Cindy and Cindy is my name.  Of course, she is a bit younger than I. As some of you know I have been on a journey of searching and wondering where God wants me to be.  It has been a struggle and for me to listen, be patient and trust in Him and HIm alone.  I believe God has a purpose in each one of our lives and He will bless it if you allow Him to work in your life.  He has showed me last few weeks and sometimes I get it and sometimes I don't.  His timing is so right each time as with this book.  He knows what I need and will provide.  I love Him so much and thank Him each day for what He is showing me, growing me in this process.  I pray that you will also trust in Him and honor what God has for you in your life and even if you don't think He will provide He will.  Trust Him.  God bless you on your journey with Him.

My first day was Discover God's Dream for you..  Ask God to give you a dream, and resolve to lead a disciplined life that reflects your commitment to living obediently. 
This one is good.  Have you ever thought, I would accomplish so many wonderful dreams if I only had enough money?  Well, the author writes- reflect on the infinite riches God has given you in Christ Jesus and then you can really begin to dream!  His resources can't be exhausted.  He has a vision for you rlife.  Rejoice today, for you have reason to hope.  Believe that God will reveal Himself to you.  His promises are as true today as they were centuries ago.  Now, that is good!

Blessings.  Enjoy your Word with the Lord today and enjoy , of course, with a cup of tea!

Traveling Tea with Jesus! 

Going places with God Wayne Stiles

I came across a book today as I was shopping at my favorite thrift store.  The book is titled Going Places with God.    Well, I thought to myself is this a book God wants me to use at my tea gatherings?  As I looked over this devotional book that is a journey through the lands of the Bible I thought Yes, it is another book I can share with others as I am Traveling Tea with Jesus.  This book captures the heart of Israel page after page.  You will hear the sounds and feel the pulse of Israel, the ancient land of the Bible ,and retrace the steps of Jesus.  You will also see Wayne's personal insights that help you begin each day with an attitude of prayer, centeredness and thanksgiving.  Thank you God for putting this book before me to share with others as I am Traveling Tea with Jesus. 
This is my journey that God has put before me.  Do you know where God wants you to walk?  What path do you take?

I will post a devotional as I use them at our tea gatherings. 

Traveling TEA with Jesus!   

Jeremiah 29:11  For I know the plans I have for you,