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Monday, August 23, 2010

Tea Orphanage fundraiser

am doing a tea at my home and online to help raise some funds for the Sri Jinananda Orphanage. Deadline for this month is August 29th. You can order online or through me.

You can go to website and put in these numbers and you can see the description of each. Website is and these are the product numbers that qualify- T2123, T2119, T2120, T2121, T2122. THe company is donating 10% of the net retail profit of the sales of these ceylon teas to the Sri Jinananda Orphanage. These blend of teas are fantastic. Each tea label features artwork created by the boys in the orphanage. The theme- What I want to be when I grow up.-

Love to have you spread this around. Need orders by the 29th of August for this month goal that I have set for myself. EAch month I will be doing something different but this month and possibly October I will do again. I have a heart for children and orphanages as my daughter was adopted from China and she has been a blessing!

Some other teas that are good- T2112- Super Fruit Gogi Green, T2056 Chamomile Mango, T- 2024 Sweet Cranberry Apple, T-2026 Summer Berries, T2219 Toasted Almond Spice Cake, T2098 Organic Lavender Lemon Tea Cake, T2035 Green Rooibos Peach, T2048 Raspberry Royale Rooibos, T2054 Rooibos Caramel Cream, T2001 Blueberrry Bouquet, T2007 Fruity Raspberry, T2032 Christmas Morning, T2110 Coconut Dream.

Thanks for spreading His Word and info about this fundraiser!.

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