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Thursday, August 26, 2010

HEalth and non Health benefits of tea

Where you can enjoy simple pleasures while shopping for tea and treasures!


White Tea: Contains the highest levels of antioxidants and polyphenols which protect human cells from damage. Three mugs a day offer colon, gastric, pancreas, bladder, prostate, and breast cancer prevention benefits.

Green Tea: Contains polyphenols that contain more antioxidant activity than Vitamin C and E. Helps prevent rheumatoid arthritis and / or lesson the pain in those already suffering from it. May prevent heart disease. It helps to control your appetite which can be beneficial in weight loss. The best free acne home remedy you can give your skin is green tea. Prepare yourself a cup of green tea to drink and cleanse your system from the inside and then rub the teabag over your skin to cure your acne fast. The health benefits of green tea not only extend to curing acne but also to various other skin conditions.

Black / Oolong Tea: Relaxes and expands the arteries, which increases blood flow to the heart. They contain antioxidants similar to those found in fruits and vegetables. Aids in fighting tooth decay, as it contains fluoride. It also contains the potent compound EGCG, which inhibits the production of toxic proteins that clog the brains of Alzheimer’s victims. EGCG also prevents bacterial infections and the spread of HIV.

Rooibos: May delay the aging process! Helps to relieve stomach ailments particularly ulcers, nausea, constipation, colic, and heartburn. Contains magnesium, which is necessary for a healthy nervous system. It helps to control your appetite which can be beneficial in weight loss. Contains antioxidants that help in cancer prevention. Caffeine free!

Fruit & Herb Tea: Herbal teas do not come from Camellia Senisus plant as do all the other teas but are an infusion of leaves, roots, bark, seeds or flowers of other plants. They are not linked with the research on the potential health benefits of traditional teas. BUT they are Caffeine free!


Did you know tea has more uses than simply being a delightful beverage? Tea is used for health and beauty, around the house, and in the garden. Products that have multiple uses are wonderful. You conserve space by having fewer items that double to perform several functions and save a little money too. Who knew such a delicious beverage could double as a health and beauty aid, cleaning product, and plant food? Tea offers you practicality to do things such as clean furniture and hardwood floors without the harsh chemicals and fumes. Finally, everyday tasks can feel luxurious with the rich aromatic scents of tea!

In the Garden Do you have roses that tend to appear a droopy in the summer? I know the problem all too well and have the ideal solution. Try tea to perk up those roses. Sprinkle new or used tea leaves around them, and cover with mulch.
Another benefit to this idea is the fragrance of the roses mingling with the tea is wonderful. Another fantastic idea for fellow green thumbs is placing used tea bags in the drainage layer of a planter to help ferns soak up more of the nutrients it needs to be healthy.
 Feed Your Ferns and Plants
Your ferns like to drink tea too. Occasionally substitute brewed tea for water when feeding plants. Alternatively, work wet tea leaves into the soil around the ferns to give them a lush appearance.
Prepare Planter for Potting Improve the health of your plants with tea. Place a few used tea bags on top of the drainage layer at the bottom of the planter before potting. The tea bags retain the water and seep nutrients into the soil.
Enhance Your Compost Pile A good way to speed up the decomposition process and enrich your compost is to pour a few cups of strongly brewed tea into the heap. The liquid tea will accelerate the decomposition process and draw acid-producing bacteria, creating desirable acid-rich compost.

For Health and Beauty
Cool Sunburned Skin Did you forget your sunscreen? Grab a few wet tea bags and apply to the affected skin; it is a surefire treatment to alleviate the burning and stinging. If the sunburn is larger, add a few tea bags to your bathwater and soak in the comfort.

Relieve Tired Eyes Do your eyes appear tired, achy, or puffy? Go to your tea chest and soak two tea bags in warm water. Place them over your closed eyes for 20 minutes. The tannins in the tea reduce puffiness giving you refreshed looking eyes.
Reduce Razor Burn Nicks, cuts, and razor burn from shaving are not a pretty sight. To soothe these unsightly accidents, apply a wet tea bag to the area. Your skin will thank you.
Get the Gray Out Turn back the clock without an expensive trip to the salon. Create your own natural hair dye using brewed tea and herbs. Steep three tea bags in 1-cup boiling water. Add 1-tablespoon each of rosemary and sage (either fresh or
dried) and let it stand overnight before coloring. The next day, shampoo as usual, then spray or pour the mixture on your hair, making sure to saturate evenly. Blot with a towel and do not rinse. Note: Several treatments may be
necessary to achieve desired shade. Condition Dry Hair Condition your hair with tea. Give dry hair a natural luster and shine using a quart of warm, unsweetened tea (freshly brewed or instant) as a final rinse after your regular shampoo.
Tan Your Skin with Tea Give your skin a tan without the sun or a tanning bed. Brew two cups of strong black tea, let it stand to cool, and pour into a plastic spray bottle.  Be sure your skin is clean and dry before applying mixture. Spray tea directly onto your skin and let it air dry. Repeat as desired for that sun kissed appearance.
Drain a Boil Finally, an easy painless way to drain a boil. Cover it with a wet tea bag overnight. The boil should drain without any discomfort by the time you wake up in the morning.
Soothe Those Bleeding Gums Is your child in pain from losing a tooth? To stop the bleeding and soothe a sore gum after losing a tooth, dampen a tea bag with cool water and apply it directly to the affected site.
Relieve Pain from Injections Are you or your child still in pain from a shot? Get a wet tea bag and place it over the site of injection. Gently hold it in place until the discomfort subsides. The tannic acid in the tea soothes the soreness.
Dry Poison Ivy Rash Dry a draining poison ivy rash with strongly brewed tea. Dip a cotton ball into the tea, apply it to the affected area, and air dry. Repeat as needed.
Stop Foot Odor Help your feet smell good with a daily tea bath. Soak your feet in strongly brewed tea for twenty minutes per day and hello to pleasant smelling feet.
Make Soothing Mouthwash Toothaches or any other kinds of mouth pain are downright agonizing. To ease the pain, rinse your mouth with a cup of hot peppermint tea mixed with a pinch or two of salt. Peppermint tea is an antiseptic and contains menthol, which alleviates pain on contact. To make peppermint tea, boil one-tablespoon fresh peppermint leaves in 1 cup of water, and steep for several minutes. Tenderize Tough Meat Use unflavored black tea to tenderize the toughest meats. Place four tablespoons black tea leaves in a pot of warm (not boiling water) and steep for 5 minutes. Strain to remove the leaves and stir in 1/2-cup brown sugar until dissolved. Set aside. Season up to 3 pounds of meat with salt, pepper, onion, and garlic powder. Pour liquid over the seasoned meat and cook in a preheated 325-degree oven for approximately ninety minutes or until meat is fork tender.

Household Uses Shine Your Mirrors For those people who are looking for new ways to clean around the house there are amazing tea uses for you too! I do not know about you, but I cannot get my mirrors to a perfect sheen. With tea, it can be done with a pot of strong tea and a damp cloth. Simply dampen the cloth in the tea, apply to the mirror, and buff with a soft cloth for an impeccable shine. I tried this idea and it really works!

Clean Wood Furniture and Floors Fresh brewed tea is a great way to clean wood floors and furniture. Simply boil a couple tea bags in a quart of water and let it cool. Dip a soft cloth into the tea, wring out the excess, and wipe away the grime. Buff dry with a clean, soft cloth.
Control Dust from Fireplace Ash Keep dust contained in the ashes when cleaning out your fireplace. Before you begin cleaning, sprinkle wet tea leaves over the area. The tea will prevent the ashes from spreading as you remove them.
Perfume a Sachet Make an aromatic sachet from your favorite herbal tea. Save infused tea leaves and spread them out on newspaper to dry. After they are completely dry use for stuffing in a sachet. You can add some scented oil as well.

I hope these ideas will be helpful to you in the future!

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