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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tea thoughts

How can I decaffeinate my tea?

The method sometimes referred to as "second potting," is an effective way to remove approximately 80% of the caffeine from any caffeinated tea. Steep your tea leaves in boiling water for a quick 30 seconds, in which time the majority of the caffeine will have been extracted from the tea leaves and gone into the water. Discard this water and steep the same tea leaves again with fresh boiling water for the recommended time. Enjoy your tea without having sacrificed any of the flavor or health benefits!

I recently learned that holding your teacup with your pinkie out is poor etiquette. What is the reason behind holding out the pinkie finger?

The answer is "handles" on teacups. Originally, teacups did not have any handles (and in many countries still do not). In order to hold the cup balanced properly, one needed to extend the pinkies. However, in the mid 1750's the English put handles on the teacups to prevent ladies'dainty fingers from burning. The proper way to hold a teacup nowadays is to slip the index finger through the handle with the thumb resting on top and then curve the remaining fingers underneath the handle.

Why are some china pieces marked "Occupied Japan?"

If you own one of these pieces - that's a good thing! Collectors vie for such marked items. Pieces imported from Japan to the US following the end of WWII between 1945 and 1952 were required to have markings showing that they were produced during the US Occupied Japan period. The preferred markings would say "Made in Occupied Japan" or "Occupied Japan" on each piece.

Does drinking tea boost the immune system?

It definitely does! We could all use some increased immunity during this flu season! Tea contains L-theanine, which helps support the immune system. (Please keep in mind that I am talking about real tea - black, green, or oolong - not herbal teas.) As with all other good habits, it is important to be consistent - you should drink at least 3-5 cups of tea a day to reap the full benefits. Along with boosting your immune system, you will also get the added benefits of antioxidants when drinking tea.

What do you think about electric kettles vs. the traditional stovetop kettles?

Personally, I just love the sound of the whistling teakettle, and it sits so pretty on the stovetop! However, I also have an electric pot by Zojirushi, which is much more technologically advanced. These electric pots have settings for different temperatures (for preparing a variety of teas), contain filters, and keep the water at the perfect temperature at all times. If you drink tea all day long or have to prepare tea for a large group or drink many different types of tea, I would suggest the electric pot. You can also use the readily available hot water for preparing other foods such as oatmeal, etc. Keep in mind that they are much more expensive than the traditional kettle - and still do not whistle!


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